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Obama Not “In Over His Head”

by Robert Ringer
Thursday, September 15, 2011
It both annoys and amazes me that a majority of Americans — including many so-called conservative commentators — still take Barack Obama to be a serious, well-meaning individual who is simply “in over his head.”  I might actually agree with that assessment if he were just another liberal politician.  But he’s not.
Barack Obama is an angry, anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-liberty hate monger who is committed to implementing the dreams “from” his father (a self-avowed communist) and transforming the United States of America into the Soviet States of America.
At a “campaign for jobs” speech BHO gave in North Carolina Wednesday to a crowd of — you guessed it — mostly college kids, he was at it again, spewing out the same kind of useful-idiot pablum he has been feeding the American public for more than three years.  A few examples:
“We’ve been grappling with a crisis for three years.” Really?  Then why do you and your toadies keep telling us what a great job you’ve done in turning the economy around?  Sorry, Barry, but you can’t have it both ways.  Are we in a recovery, as you have long insisted, or a crisis?  Please make up your mind so I can rid myself of my cognitive dissonance and love you without having to struggle.
“Instead of getting people to rise up against bipartisanship in the spirit of working together, we’ve got people who are purposely dividing.” Er … Barry, with all due respect, you made it clear when you had control of both the House and the Senate that you had no interest in working with Republicans.
In fact, they were excluded from most of your meetings with Democratic House and Senate members.  Figuratively speaking, you flipped them the bird while Fancy Nancy made it clear that you guys had won the election, so you could do anything you wanted.
As to “dividing,” once again, with all due respect, you are the most divisive president in U.S. history.  Religiously adhering to Uncle Saul’s game plan, you blatantly isolate targets in every speech, then go on the attack.
“Give me a win.  Give me a break,” shouted Obama in complaining that Republicans in Congress don’t want to hand him a “win.”  How many wins do you want, Barry?  You won the presidency by winning the white vote, the black vote, and the Hispanic vote … you hoodwinked just about everyone.
Then, once in office, you won when you asked for a $787 billion stimulus bill whose only discernable purpose was to collapse the economy.  You won when you underhandedly forced your healthcare bill through (over the objections of the American public).  And you won again when you made asses of the Republican leadership and got them to go along with a $1.5 trillion increase in the debt ceiling that gave you assurance you would be able to continue to spend the U.S. into third-world-nation status.
To borrow a word from drug kingpin Frank in the movie Scarface, you are a bold-faced chazzer (Yiddish word for pig).  And now you want another win?  Sure, Barry.
“Yes we can.” No, I’m not joking … Barry actually reverted back to the 2008 Obama who mesmerized voters with mind-numbing, empty slogans.  He reminded me of a narcissistic psychopath frantically trying to hang on to his teleprompters as the rental company was in the process of hauling them away.
Sorry, dear reader, but Obama isn’t “in over his head.”  He knows exactly what he’s doing, which is all the more reason why it’s time for us to take the car keys away from him.  It’s also time for everyone — including well-meaning but misguided liberals — to stop seeing this man-child revolutionary as a poor, misguided soul.
The truth is that he’s a well-trained community organizer who came to Washington to carry out a very straightforward objective:  Take down the Great Satan.
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