Monday, September 26, 2011

harry reid AS PROPOSED BY
America's Communist Politburo
Our New Illegal, Unconstitutional U.S. Gov't

communist obama marxist socialist maoist
6 Communists, 4 RINOs (Liberals), and 2 Conservatives.
Balance (Including Obama): 11 Commies to 2 Conseratives.

Equals 85% US Communist/RINO Takeover

Both "Conservatives" (Hensarling,Toomey) Voted for the Unconstitutional Patriot Act - Absolutely Must Watch!!

RINOs: Camp (TARP, GM), Upton (Global Warming, More), Kyl (Ineligibility, Much More), Portman (Debt, Glass-Segall Act Repeal)

Stop The Unconstitutional, "Communist Politboro"
Super Congress Now or America is Doomed!

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