Wednesday, September 28, 2011


From the blogosphere...
Here's the latest from a Congressional; office:

I called Lieberman's office to discuss Obama's SS number and the staff person told me this:

To paraphrase and summarize: "Everything about Obama's eligibility and and criminal charges has been debunked and this office is not talking about it, we have moved on."

Granted Lieberman is a Democrat...or is he an Independent, which I think might be the same thing,.....but a Repub would have likely been no different.

Anyway, for all practical purposes it sounded as if the office was even trying to tell me any future evidence had already been debunked.

This is where we are with Congress.

Lieberman's office numbers:

Phone: 202-224-9189
Fax: 202-224-9750

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  1. I called Sen Lieberman's office as well today and spoke with Josh. He said that "you could bring the Loch Ness Monster into the office and it wouldn't make them do anything about looking into Mr. Obama's qualifications to be President, we've moved onto more important issues." He even went onto say the "Orly Taitz presented their office with her business card that said she was Sec of State for CA." I find it hard to believe Dr. Taitz would present them with such a business card that stated such. They said she was lying about that, the truth is Mr. Lieberman's office is lying. The truth will prevail, it's only of matter of time when this powder keg will finally blow up in so many people's lying faces!


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