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By: Dean C. Haskins
Posted: September 21, 2011 
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Last year, Barack Obama made what must be the most dubiously ironic statement in history: "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide." This, from a person whose entire life seems to be purposely hidden from even the most assiduous scrutiny; and, it appears to have been kept that way at great expense and vast assistance. At the heart of this clandestine artifice are two institutions in Honolulu that are purportedly part of the Obama nativity narrative; however, they both appear either unwilling or unable to corroborate the veracity of their inclusion in that story to any degree of comfortable certainty. A recent visit to both the Kapiolani Medical Center and the Department of Health in Honolulu revealed little more than the furtive mystery that has been characteristic of all things Obama.
In the middle of September, Miki Booth, George Peabody, and I visited both of those establishments hoping to glean any bit of information we could to provide answers for the myriad Americans who have sought the truth, but so far, have found little to none. Our first visit was to Kapiolani Medical Center, one of the two hospitals for which there have been claims made of being the birthplace of baby Barry (Queens Medical Center being the other). Our intention was to capture the visit on video, but we were informed that we could not do so inside the building.
kapiolaniWe first visited the records office, where Miki completed and filed a form requesting the hospital records for her son's birth. While there, an extemporaneous conversation occurred, simply because a clerk happened to question a co-worker about the "race" field on a document. The conversation is recounted here. After I had released that report, there were the expected comments from the truthaphobes, otherwise known as Obots, dissecting and doubting everything in it but the punctuation. There were subsequent statements made by Miki and George attesting to the facts presented, but facts are not the strong suit of those aforementioned creatures.
Allow me to digress for a moment. I recently witnessed Dr. Corsi, having obviously grown weary with the debased online comments made by a small group of Fogbow wannabes, uncharacteristically assail them verbally, and I must say, those brief diatribes were some of the most enjoyable comments I can remember ever reading. There is a Steven, a Cindy, and a couple Patricks who appear to do nothing else in life but sit at their computers and deride those of us with whom they disagree. As pitiful an existence as that must be, it can still be somewhat of an irritant to those of us who are daily targets of their mendacious manure. Nobody enjoys lies being told about them. One of the Patricks enjoys reading his deluded words so much that he copies and pastes many of his own comments to multiple websites, I suppose in a vainglorious attempt to receive some sort of praise for them. I'm no psychotherapist, but there appear to be some possible mommy issues involved.
Anyway, this Cindy critter reported that she had called someone at the Kapiolani Medical Center who first told her that, in that particular office, there would have only been one person working—a receptionist. Since that was a blatant lie, I reported the layout of the office here, recounting the multiple desks and employees who work in that office. Then, supposedly, the hospital official told her, "We have no comment on this topic, except to say it is not true." Now, the official didn't clarify what part of the "topic" she believed not to be true; was it that the conversation itself didn't happen, or was it the content of the conversation?
I guess we'll never know, for immediately prior to leaving the hotel in Honolulu to go to the airport, I called the hospital in an attempt to verify that the "official" did tell this lie. In the first call I made, I merely started to explain the comment that had been made, and the individual to whom I was speaking abruptly stated, "We have no comment on this," and then hung up on me. I called back five times, and each time (there were at least three different people who answered), I would barely start to speak before the hospital employee would just hang up on me. That is certainly not indicative of forthrightness and honesty. I attest to the veracity of that report, and note that the purported hospital "official" was not even present in the room, so she couldn't possibly report what was or was not said.
But wait, there was a second meeting at Kapiolani that day! Because the person to whom we spoke in that second meeting was so cordial and accommodating, and because we really do not desire to cause the individual any grief, I will not disclose a name or position (even though I can already imagine the vast Obot scrutiny not doing so will likely cause). That meeting lasted nearly an hour, and during the meeting, Miki asked about a purported letter from the White House to Kapiolani, and asked if the letter existed, if it was in a vault somewhere in the hospital, and if we could see it. The person to whom we spoke denied knowing anything about the letter, but said that the answer to Miki's questions would be researched, and sent to her via email.
Having heard nothing for several days, Miki sent this email:
Aloha XXXXX,
I tried calling a couple of times but was unable to reach you.
Thank you for your graciousness and patience hearing out our concerns.
If you were able to find an answer to the question whether a letter from the White House exists I would appreciate hearing what you found out if anything.
Thanks again,
To which Miki received this response:
Good Afternoon Miki,
It was a pleasure meeting all of you last week. With regards to your inquiry of if I was able to find an answer to the question whether a letter from the White House exists please know that we have politely declined these inquiries.
I hope that your trip home was a safe one and my email finds you doing well.
Hmmmm. Wouldn't one expect a hospital in which a president was born to take every possible opportunity to exploit that fact for PR purposes? Wouldn't one expect there to be some indication of it somewhere on their grounds? We saw none, and now, we get an email informing us that they won't even talk about it? What could be the possible reasoning in this? I'm sure it wouldn't have anything to do with this!
The next day, we ventured over to the Department of Health, where we were met with further shrouding and deceptive doublespeak. Since much of thedoh conversation was recountedhere, I won't repeat it now; however, one must wonder about these elements of the dialog:
When asked about the apparent misspelling of the word "THE" in Alvin T. Onaka's stamp, why would the clerk first say that one of the "three sealers" they have might have a misspelling in the stamp, and then later state that they have "five sealers?"
Why would the clerk inform us that the only way one can obtain a copy of one's original long-form birth certificate would be to get a court order, and then tell us that Obama got a court order to get his? In the official White House narrative, there is no mention of any court order, only that Loretta Fuddy approved Obama's attorney's request for a waiver. The last time I checked, Fuddy is not a judge. What does this lie accomplish, other than a continued clouding of the facts?
Why would the DOH institute recent policies limiting access to long-form birth certificates, and concealing parental information on birth certificates issued before 1976, forcing those people who need that information for passport purposes to go to the DOH and get their birth certificate information updated to include it?
Aside from the obvious motivations of loyal liberal operatives, and Hawaii's interest in someone who claims to have been born there being president of the United States, what other reasons could Alvin T. Onaka have for conveniently altering these policies? Could it be that his globalist agenda lines up perfectly with Obama's, so he has an extra incentive to manipulate policies to further obfuscate the truth about Obama?
Why must these (and many other) questions even have to be asked about someone who claimed his would be the "most transparent" presidency in history? Why does Honolulu continue to be either tight-lipped or downright deceptive about its purported "native-born son?" Are they planning to build the first underground Presidential Library that will be accessible by only a select few (who can keep a secret)?
Barack Obama's history continues to be nothing but a question mark, but it is unmistakeable that there are those who are, willingly or otherwise, aiding and abetting the secrecy. The Birther Summit participants will continue pursuing the truth in these matters until the American people get factual answers to all these questions—including what Honolulu is hiding.

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