Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ridin Shotgun Ghetto Style--But She Did Vote For Obama------ Allegedly

Mom Shanla Sutherland  (allegedly) Arrested When 3-Year-Old (allegedly)Fires Shotgun Into Car's Roof

Shania Sutherland was allegdely negotiating a drug deal when her toddler fired a shotgun through the roof of a car.

Sutherland was arrested shortly after her 3-year-old busted up her drug deal by firing a 12-gauge shotgun into the roof of her companion's car in Marietta, Ga. (editorial note: The 3 yr old in question denies firing said shotgun, claims his momma is lying on him, and is lawyering up).

Shania Sutherland  allegedly brought the toddler and a 5-year-old while she negotiated a deal for prescription pills in a parking lot on Sept. 6 when the tot picked up the Mossberg and blasted a hole in the roof of a Chrysler Town & Country minivan, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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