Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ben Johnson,The White House Watch

Michele Bachmann has been fearless in attacking liberal truth-twisters in both parties. On Sunday,she hit upon a line of attack so devastating that the media have tried to destroy her for it.
Bachmann said President Obama has added so much money to our national deficit that he is “acting like we’re in a banana republic.”On Meet the Press,she noted that the deficit has nearly doubled since she entered Congress in 2007.

We’re acting like Greece and like Italy,and that’s what people are frustrated with. They want us to act like a first-world nation,not like what President Barack Obama is doing. He’s acting like we’re a banana republic. We’ve got to get our act together and stop spending money that we don’t have.
NBC host,hypnotist,and regime apologist David Gregory responded that she couldn’t really mean that,could she?
Showing her previously advertised “titanium spine,”Bachmann said:
The decision that Barack Obama is making,is acting like a banana republic. It’s absolutely irresponsible what President Obama is doing to get behind measures to increase spending to such a level that we’re going in to debt,$1.5 trillion every year.
She compared Obama’s annual,trillion-dollar deficits with Bush’s 2007 deficit of $160 billion. Some of Obama’s monthly deficits have exceeded that. She may have pointed out Barack Obama once called this behavior,“unpatriotic.”
Before she got a chance,David Gregory went apoplectic. “That just misstates the record,”he lied. He then attempted to break in multiple times,crowing,“I’m going to stop you for accuracy.”
However,he failed to cite any statistics showing her statements were inaccurate. Because he couldn’t. The shackles of debt slavery Obama’s free-spending policies have forged threaten to collapse the economy. Former Sen. Judd Gregg,whom Obama invited to serve as his Commerce Secretary,said,“This nation is on a course where if we don’t do something about it,get federal situation,the fiscal policy [under control],we’re Greece. We’re a banana republic.”
Rather than deal with facts,the media have gone into character assassination mode. CNN has piled on,making a distinction between the term “debt”and “deficit”to invent an “error”Bachmann never made. Besides,it instructs,“it’s not fair to compare the deficit under the Obama administration with the deficit in 2007″(because it makes Obama look bad). Even with that excursion into linguistic legerdermain,CNN could only go so far as to say Bachmann’s statement was “True,but incomplete.”
As the Scripture says,“Wheresoever the carcase is,there will the eagles be gathered together”(St. Matthew 24:28). The media vultures are swarming,because they hope to cover the economic corpse three years of Obama’s economic policies have left behind.
Bachmann’s courageous charges,and the media’s frantic damage control efforts,shows the GOP how to attack in the months ahead.

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