Monday, December 26, 2011

The Republican Dilemma and America's Future.
Having attained a majority in the House in 2010, we conservative citizens breathed a sigh of relief because we had loosened the Democratic stranglehold in the Congress. Our incoming freshman campaigned on a platform of righting wrongs and supporting our constitutional precepts and then too, there is 2012 to complete the picture.
Many of us have supplied our elected representatives with all manner of inculpatory evidence and information of treasonous activity to no avail. A little showboating on committees, and absolutely no actual effort to elicit the truth about Democrat transgressions or the ineligibility of the White House usurper. Communication with our champions is not much better than it is with a Democrat. Once elected they all shut us out.
In the last couple of showdowns with the Democrat controlled Senate and the White House, Republican's caved in spectacular fashion. One has to ask why? There was no need for capitulation on either issue. Everyone knew of the deadlines, and until the witching hour our brave party positively assured us that their position was unequivocal. Yet, they capitulated both times. Now what is the message for us?
Consider if you will, that we become the Congressional majority and elect a Republican president in 2012. All will be well and we can begin the work of rectifying the wrongs which have been inflicted upon us and shoring up the walls of constitutionalism so that they can never be breached, and changing, not only the face of our government, but also the core.
It isn't going to happen. Going back to my question about the peculiar behavior of our Republicans...and their nonchalant attitude about the message they are sending us. They don't care, because genuine old style politics is already a thing of the past. They don't think we are that dumb anymore that we just don't understand what is going on. They don't care. It doesn't matter. They'll act out the charade for the naive among us but in fact, they are already a cabal. Whichever party is in's still "them."
Under the present circumstances we, the American loyalist, are already defeated. Those two capitulations were programmed. Everything they do is programmed. This is probably the very last time that the Republican Party can, or ever will, win an election and they know it. America is rapidly being transformed by sheer weight of numbers. California is the exemplar for the future of the country. The white, anglo-saxon, protestant California (WASP) ceased to exist in the early 1990's although it was well on the road to ruin in the mid 60's. This is America 's future. The welcome mat is open to anyone who wants to destroy America - with the full blessing of ALL of our politicians. They are the future, and the foundation, of an American oligarchy. They will never vote Republican. They're actually not interested in party politics. They're only interested in taking over the country because they're envious, hateful, or intellectually blind - and the black "American" has consistently voted for the Democratic Party and will continue to do so even though they have been abused by it.
Many of us still regard Iowa as a shining example of rural America . It isn't. It's changing rapidly. It's mostly urban and industrial and is being infiltrated by Hispanics and blacks. Farming is a weak segment of its gross product. It's political base is no longer cast in concrete. We are being infiltrated at a furious pace. We are being ethnically "birthed" out of our constitutional existence at a furious pace. Republicans, as such, have no future in America - so what must they do? They must coalesce with the power base - and they already have. The Democrats may lose the election in 2012 but they will still be in league with the Republicans, because only the future of our politicians matters to our politicians.
So, am I saying that America is doomed? It doesn't have to be. It can still be saved, but it is going to take a strong stomach and much sacrifice. Frankly, I'm not sure that our loyalist population is even aware of what is happening. We're engaged in a WAR. (A concerted effort or campaign to combat or put an end to something considered injurious). Are you willing to die for a free America ? Brace yourselves...this is what it will probably take. There is no likelihood that our efforts to defeat tyranny by legal means is ever going to be successful.
Still not convinced? Ask yourself this question, and don't hide from the truth. What do you expect after the 2012 election?
  • The immediate closure of our borders and the return to our legal immigration policy?
  • The deportation of every illegal and their families - including all the criminals in our jails and their permanent disbarment from entry into the USA under any conditions?
  • The ruthless downsizing of government to conform to the Constitution? (The elimination of all illegitimately created departments and bureaucracies). 
  • Stripping all government of its self-created illegal powers and perks. Never again allow the government to act in any way contrary to the will of the people and the Constitution?
  • Ruthlessly examine and restructure entitlement programs to a bare moral minimum?
  • Demolish the two party political system and replace with a Constitutional Congress whose members will have differences of opinion and methodology, but all members will be Constitutionalists?
  • Term limits?
  • Strict laws and regulations to control lobbying? All lobbying to be presented to a Commission and never to an elected representative.
  • A flat tax system? Make it illegal for anyone over the age of 18 to be paid for a service without proof of payment?
  • Criminal proceedings against all who have defied their oath of office?
  • Criminal proceedings against all who have deliberately broken the law?
  • In depth revision and control of all elected officials powers?
  • Repeal of all executive orders and anti-populace laws and mandates?
  • Never again allow the political appointing of any judge? Legally prosecute and remove from office, with forfeiture of all pensions, any judge who rules against the law and the Constitution?
  • Balancing the budget? Mandatory reduction in spending?
  • Maintain a military which at all times is capable of defending America ?
  • Curtail the nefarious practices of Unions. All workers must be allowed representation at worker level, but the "big boss" unions must be legally prohibited?
  • Complete overhaul of education to enforce a constitutionally based curriculum?
  • The condemnation of radical Islam as a religion in America . The banning of all mosques, veils, burkas, symbols, etc?
  • The complete overhaul of non-profit, pseudo political think thanks and quasi-religious organizations (and ministers) which are ripping off taxpayers?
  • Overhaul the FCC and re-institute viewer and listener friendly regulations?
  • Banning forever anti-Constitutional activity?
  • English only. Prohibit any government printing in any other language. No accommodation in government matters for non-English speakers. They must absorb the language in order to become productive members of society?
  • Ban the government and political entities from creating guilt and ethnic divisiveness among the citizenry by the use of "political correctness" and other methods?
  • Ban all ethnic or racial prefixes to describe an American?
  • Enforce Constitutional eligibility requirements for elective office. Enforce the Constitution in its entirety at all times?
  • Create a manufacturing and business dynamic? Initiate apprenticeship programs to build a new workforce. Reward all scientific, engineering, and medical academic excellence?
  • Ban all law enforcement and government service organizations from political activism and endorsements. They have their civil rights?
  • Institute a national service program to educate all under 21's about the Constitution and American history?
These are just a few of the mandatory actions, listed randomly, which are necessary to restore America as a Christian, God-fearing, moral nation.  You'll have many more to add to the list. In fact, there is so much to do - and undo, that it's going to take years of dedication and unwavering effort.
So what are your conclusions about post 2012 America if all goes well with the election? Any of the above? I'm an octogenarian, and it occurred to me rather forcefully since January 2008 that no promise made by a political candidate or elected official in my lifetime in support of the legitimate population has ever been kept. Government has continued to expand, regulations have become more onerous and personal, taxes always increase, services always decrease, sloth and ineptitude pervade our society and our government, the quality of education has declined and become politically infiltrated. The infrastructure is in decay, costs for everything have risen except for our toys (ever wonder why?), bureaucracies defy the will of the people but keep getting elected...and on and on and on.
The answer to the question is simply not what you's going to get worse! The America after 2012 will become almost unrecognizable. It's going to be a harsh and unforgiving land of servitude and a lower standard of living. Population control will be instituted. Barometric identity cards will be issued and they will transmit data to the "authorities" 24/7. Illegal ethnic migrants will be in the majority and will determine the future of America in concert with our treasonous government.
America must be restored to the Constitutional population - by the Constitutional population. We must do what MUST be done. An immortal American once said..."Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death."  This is pretty much our choice right now. This is our last chance to survive. If you disagree with me, please tell me why.
Oh, and if you agree with me, tell me how we're going to do it.
Harry Wainwright.


  1. That's just it, friend.

    We don't know.

    Check, and mate.

  2. Harry, you need to provide documentation on how and who is or has done what you talk about in this article which I have posted documentation here -

    Respectfully submitted with All Rights Reserved,

    Steven Wayne Pattison


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