Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Hampshire Secretary of State and Ballot Law Commission in violation of NH law

And here’s the ‘smoking gun’ – showing that the Ballot Law Commission, and their prime witness, Karen Ladd, violated the law and committed perjury:

New Hampshire
Department of State

William M. Gardner
  Secretary of State

July 19, 2011

Abdul K. Hassan, Esq.
215-28 Hillside Ave, Queens Village, NY 11427
          Please note the wording by statute in both these forms: “No person except a natural born citizen …”

          The New Hampshire state legislature amended the statutes to include the above wording on the declaration forms for candidates for President. Therefore, this office will not accept a filing from any person who is not a natural born citizen.


/s/ Karen Ladd
Assistant Secretary of State


Just 4 months before the Ballot Law Commission hearing on November 18, 2011, a candidate was refused admission on the ballot FOR THE EXACT SAME REASON AS PRESENTED IN TAITZ’ COMPLAINT TO THE Ballot Law Commission – Obama is NOT a ‘natural born Citizen!

Ms. Karen Ladd should be brought up on charges along with the entire Ballot Law Commission … and the Secretary of State, William M. Gardner.

Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution

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  1. of course she should be

    they are liars and criminals

    but, who's kidding who?

    we all know that not a darn thing is going to happen to her or them.

    the worst part of this whole thing is not that we have a president who is not qualified.

    the worst part is that we are now a banana republic, a nation of men and not laws.

    this is INDISPUTABLE!


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