Friday, December 23, 2011


Sen. Rubio: I Will Not Be VP Candidate

By Hiram Reisner
Sen. Marco Rubio says no matter who the Republicans choose for their 2012 presidential nominee he is ruling out any chance of taking the second spot on a GOP ticket. The Florida Republican also told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly in an interview that aired Thursday he has not chosen his preferred candidate to challenge President Barack Obama.
Noting that Florida and the Hispanic vote were important to the GOP, O’Reilly pressed Rubio several times on whether his decision was final and asked if he got a call from the eventual nominee saying: “I would like you, Senator Rubio, to consider being vice president,” would Rubio reply: “Absolutely not — I’m not going to do it?”

Rubio said that no is his final answer.

“Yes, I’m going to say: I have been here in the United States Senate for about a year — there are some things I want to finish doing here,” Rubio said, adding that as a conservative Republican there is much he can do in the Democratic-controlled Senate. “But I really, really want to accomplish some things.

“There’s a lot of important public policy that’s come out of Senate — the Senate is an important place,” he said. “We can do a lot of good from there if we focus on it — I believe I can do just as much good in the United States Senate.”

O’Reilly asked Rubio if he was ready to endorse any of the Republican hopefuls or if he had a preferred candidate. The senator replied he agrees with different candidates on parts of their platforms, but was not ready to commit to any specific contender.

“I think on the foreign policy realm, I think [Mitt] Romney is probably closer right now,” Rubio said. “Gingrich who I think is, you know, deeply invested in public policy — I have known him for a long time.”

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