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Barack Obama-Pretender to the Presidency

Barack Obama-Pretender to the Presidency

USA 22 December 2011. The year is 2008 A.D. To support his claim of being a "natural-born" American citizen(required status under Article 2 of The Constitution for all Presidential aspirants), Barack Obama, former Constitutional teacher, allowed an ineligible (at best) short-form "Certification of Live Birth"(hearafter COLB), with 13 points of information, to be posted on the Daily Kos website, while fully aware only a long-form "Certificate of Live Birth", requiring approx.41 points of information, was valid for one seeking The Presidency. Included  in the approx.28 missing points on his COLB were the birth certificate number(blacked out), Hospital name, Physician and birth witnesses. Since all COLB's specifically warn "Any Alteration Invalidates This Certificate", a suppression of necessary info took place, with Obama's approval. Though his COLB was ineligible and declared fraudulent by many computer experts, his deception continued until April, 2011. During that time many lawsuits, unreported by The Media, challenged his eligibility. Most were dismissed as having "no standing", against plaintiffs who were "standing"....standing up for our Constitution. Not once did Obama's attorneys offer to produce a valid Certificate of Live Birth nor would Obama subject his COLB  to challenge. One Federal Judge even dismissed a case by claiming Obama had been "throughly vetted and massaged by America's vigilant citizenry during his two year Presidential campaign." Fact-Presidential "vetting" is not exercised by "America's vigilant citizenry," but by elected representatives charged with following The Constitution.  Sadly, they ignored their obligation.

The Name of Obama's Birth Hospital Was...?

In 2009, Obama publically displayed a letter he sent to Kapi'olani Med.Center in Hawaii, stating that he was born there. Very thoughful-now even the Hospital knows. Actually, the Hospital's Chief Operating Officer, Martha Stewart, would only confirm to Hawaiian State Senator Sam Slom that a copy of Obama's letter hangs "in the Administrative Section, away from public view" and the original is stored for "safe-keeping and preservation" but she would not allow him to view it. The Hospital has no public memorial of any kind to Obama's birth. Imagine-the first(?) African-American President of the United States names a birth hospital, yet that hospital will not confirm it. Could they have accidently thrown out his birth records with his bathwater? Also, some family members claimed he was born in Queens Medical Center. Well, that clears up any confusion! In reality, a damning fact stands out. Not one Hawaiian hospital claims to be Obama's birth hospital. I repeat-not one! So much for the "vetting" process he and his defenders claim he underwent and which the above-referred to judge cited in dismissing the case before him.

Since 2010, various States have prepared strong legislation against election fraud, including a requirement that a Certificate of Live Birth be provided by all Presidential aspirants, incumbent or otherwise. Obama, realizing his 2008 COLB would not qualify him,had but one avenue of deception remaining; create another fraudulent document, title it "Certificate of Live Birth" and have the Hospital "find" it. In April,2011, he announced that the Hospital had "found" it(how providential) and sent him a copy which he then put on a Government website and proclaimed it to the Country as proof of his eligibility. Fact-in 2008 Obama claimed his COLB on the Daily Kos site matched the Hospital copy. If so,both documents were COLBs and both ineligible. The Constitutional teacher never mentioned or provided a Certificate of Live Birth to confirm his eligibility then. Adding to the confusion, Dr.Chiyome Fukino,former Director of the Hawaiian Health Dept. said she saw his original birth certificate, half-typed and half-written,.yet Obama's April, 2011 "find" was completely typed..

Further, Gov.Abercrombie (see below) found no birth certificate in the Hospital. Deception personified! Since experts have declared Obama's newly-discovered April,2011 "Certificate of Live Birth" another obvious fraud, he now allows no one to scrutinize any document which the Hospital has, for fear of the following consequences: if any alterations appear on it which are identical to his copy, both are obviously fraudulent, or, if it is a different, incriminating or ineligible document, or if there is no document....need I continue? Obviously, if the Hospital had a valid Certificate of Live Birth in 2008 Obama would have had it released, saving him millions in legal fees. Here is an update on the above-mentioned States pending legislation. This month, Obama's personal atty asked a Court to dismiss a Georgian lawsuit (requiring long-form Certificates of Live Birth for all Presidential aspirants), arguing that 69 million voters "vetted" Obama in 2008, an argument I responded to above.If Obama's 2011 "find" was a valid "Certificate of Live Birth" why would his att'y ask
for dismissal since the "find" should satisfy  both the plaintiff and Obama?

"Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive"....Sir Walter Scott

Dr.Terrence Lakin, former  Lt.Col.and surgeon,U.S.Army,and Bronze Star Recipient, refused a second deployment to Afghanistan until Obama produced an original Certificate of Live Birth(not a COLB) to satisfy millions now challenging his claim of Presidential eligibility. Col.Lakin's letter to Obama, requesting  proof, was ignored as was a follow-up one; ignored by the only Commander -in-Chief in the history of our Country who refused to produce a valid birth certificate. Please reflect on that. Obama ignored a decorated Army officer with eighteen years of honorable service, forcing him to suffer a court-martial, dishonorable discharge, loss of all pay and benefits and imprisonment. Obama will readily sacrifice anyone to keep his deception intact.No terrorist could have inflicted more serious wounds upon Col.Lakin than did Obama by his silence! For want of transparency a faithful Army veteran was abandoned, yet Obama continues to receive salutes from a Military he deceived and deserted! What a mockery. Wake up, America!
Shamefully, also, was the conduct of the Army court-martial Judge in not allowing any Obama records to be entered into Col.Lakin's trial, "lest they prove embarrassing to the President" (her words). In so ordering, she mocked our Military Justice system. Fear of Obama's possible embarrassment overrode her concern for Truth, Justice and The Constitution. In spite of the guilty verdict that day, it was not Col.Lakin but rather the Military Court which was guilty of dereliction of duty. I ask all to contact their elected representatives on behalf of Col.Lakin. This miscarriage of Justice must be overturned!

The Silence of the Media Lambs

Where were the voices of the Major Media in Print and Radio/TV? Col.Lakin's trial was reported primarily by World Net Daily, The Post and E-Mail and smaller Internet and Radio outlets. A faithful Army Officer lost his career for standing up for Truth while the Media imitated an ostrich with its head in the sand, never reporting that, while Obama traveled all over the Country speaking to minority students who desperately sought financial aid for higher education and a better life, he ignored a long-standing offer of Globe Magazine of $100,000 to assist those students if he produced a valid Certificate of Live Birth. As with Col.Lakin, Obama responded with silence. Recall his words of Aug.,2010 on Long Island,New York:"The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide." The Media also continued its ostrich imitation. An issue of monumental importance-completely suppressed.

Even Fox News was guilty. Their Bill O'Reilly claimed he saw the original Hawaiian Birth Certificate, but, when challenged, he back-tracked to "my staff saw it", when, in fact, the only document anyone could have seen was the COLB fabrication of 2008. For him to sarcastically say that "birthers imply Obama's family anticipated baby Obama would someday seek the Presidency and, therefore, sought an American identity for him",insulted the intelligence of his viewers. The benefits of an American "naturalized" citizenship status were many, including a possible right to drive a car....but not our Nation. O'Reilly ends each TV show with "we're looking out for you". When he begins presenting "fair and balanced" analysis on this issue his credibility may be restored. Until then, his actions mock his words each night.

A few months ago, Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie publically stated he would go to his Health Dept., secure a copy of the vault birth certificate and put this issue to rest. Two weeks later he admitted, to his credit, nothing could be found except an obscure file with notations of some birth names, including that of a Barack Obama. No Certificate of Live Birth; not even a Certification of Live Birth (COLB), the document which supposedly was used to create Obama's 2008 copy. Nothing! Newsworthy? You bet, but did the Media tell America of the fruitless search? No way! Many in the Media refer to defenders of Constitutional eligibility as "birthers" or "racists", as if those two words will discourage any challenges to Obama's eligibility. In response, I offer two other words which may explain why no Democrats have asked Obama to authorize release of his records. The words...."job security". Also, would those who argue that removing him from Office (if guilty) would cause black riots in the streets also argue that if a Caucasion was guilty of obtaining The Presidency in a similar manner he or she should also remain in office, to avoid Caucasion riots?


Three years ago, I started writing of challenges to Obama's eligibility, after he entered the Religious Arena and said (among other things) he had no problem with leaving a child, who survived a "botched" abortion to die if its mother so wished! Being pro-life, I could not in good conscience vote for him. The only color which would influence my voting was the "blood" red of innocent dead children. After the election, more information surfaced, casting further doubt on Obama's eligibility and the door, which I believed closed on Election Day, was found still ajar, giving me an opportunity to renew challenging him on this issue.

Many African-American individuals and organizations accept my letters as unbiased and are also challenging Obama's eligibility. Racially motivated? I think not. Incidentally, I only write of his eligibility and will continue to do so until truth emerges. Previously, I've written about twelve letters over three years, reaching thousands each time and only two people responded negatively, but without any specific objections.


In May,2011, after Obama claimed Kapi'olani Hospital "located" his long-form birth certificate, General Colin Powell (ret.) told South Carolina University graduates that he "particularly enjoyed when President Obama took out his birth certificate copy and blew away Donald Trump and all the birthers." Did the General's wish become father to his thought? What Obama actually "took out" was a purported "Certificate of Live Birth" copy, a document previously unmentioned, unseen and unknown. Remember, in 2008 he said his COLB matched the Hospital document, which would make both COLB's and, therefore, both ineligible. Now he claims his 2011 "newly discovered" Certificate of Live Birth" also matches the Hospital copy, a clear contradiction of fact. Since his 2011 copy has also been branded fraudulent by experts, he now allows no one to examine the Hospital document (if any), including General Powell, whose blind acceptance of it was followed by his ignoring an offer of the "Birthers Summit" organization of $15,000 for allowing them three hours to challenge Obama's 2011 claim and hear the General's response. In fairness, I believe the General trusted Obama and was unaware, due to Media secrecy, of the depths Obama would sink to with his deception.


All my letters stress the truth about the eligibility issue, so when some politicians, Republican or Democrat, casually dismiss this issue with remarks like" this is not a major issue with me" are they aware of what they are saying? The person acting as President of the World's most powerful Nation has the power to lead America toward prosperity or ruin, yet, they claim Obama's right to occupy that Office is "not a major issue with them." Also, to those who claim his eligibility "has been authenticated by proof he provided, may I remind them that proof consisting of fraudulent and/or ineligible documents is merely proof of fraud and/or ineligibility!  Those who defend Obama's legitimacy are either uninformed,avoiding it for political or personal reasons or simply ignoring the truth.If any still need a house to fall upon them to understand this, Obama's deception, when exposed, will provide a skyscraper! When The Constitution was written, Article 2 specifically limited the Presidency to a natural-born American citizen, so as not to allow someone with a dual-nationality or other foreign allegiance to adversely affect the governance of our Country. By deliberately withholding access to a valid birth certificate, school records, 1981 passport to Pakistan and virtually every other document bearing his name, plus creating both a false COLB and a recent false "Certificate of Live Birth", Obama has effectively shrouded his eligibility in secrecy. Recently, on National TV, America heard him telling subordinates to "find a way to get around the Constitution"; this from a man who, when inaugurated, swore under oath to defend it.Truly, Barack Obama is a President who never was!

Robert Quinn


Old typewriter teaching exercise (paraphrased)
"These Are The Times That Try Men's Souls"-Thomas Paine-Revolutionary Patriot

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