Monday, December 19, 2011

“Birther”Lawsuits Could Keep Obama Off Ballot in Georgia,Alabama

Although they have been derided by the media,the “birthers”—Americans who deny Barack Obama was born in the United States —are filing lawsuits in the months leading up to the 2012 election threatening to deny the president a place on several state ballots.
In Alabama,the media report:
President Obama has a forged birth certificate and is ineligible to be on the Alabama Democratic Primary ballot because he is not a citizen,a Birmingham man has said in a lawsuit filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court.
The suit asks Circuit Judge Helen Shores Lee to hold an evidentiary hearing and issue an injunction against Mark Kennedy,the Alabama Democratic Party chairman,from putting Obama on the March 13 party primary ballot.
The plaintiff,Albert E Hendershot Jr.,claims Obama is ineligible to serve as president —based on,among other things,an allegedly illegal Connecticut Social Security number —and thus should not be listed on the state presidential ballot.
In Georgia,five plaintiffs have filed suit to keep the president off the ballot. One of those to file suit in the state is American Independent Party presidential candidate Dr. Laurie Roth,who is represented by Orly Taitz.
As in Alabama,the president’s birth certificate is the primary objection.
The White House may believe it covered its tracks by releasing an online version of his birth certificate,which many believe is fraudulent. But if the president cannot prove his identity beyond a reasonable doubt,he may not be on the ballot in certain Southern states.
Not bad work for a movement the media had written off the minute the “long form”birth certificate hit the web.

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