Friday, December 30, 2011

The Obamas Celebrate Black Racial Solidarity in Annual Kwanzaa Message

Ben Johnson,The White House Watch

Barack and Michelle Obama rushed out a message to mark a phony,racist holiday invented by a Marxist who served years in prison for torturing two women. “We celebrate Kwanzaa,”they wrote,“at a time when many African Americans and all Americans reflect on our many blessings”—such as a 15.5 percent black unemployment rate,the highest in 27 years. They acknowledge “many Americans going through enormous challenges ,”but they insist “in the spirit of unity,or Umoja,we can overcome those challenges together.”
Last year’s Kwanzaa message also hailed those who “light the Kinara today in the spirit of umoja,or unity.”
Umoja is one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. However,it does not simply mean “unity.”Umoja is a racial unity of all black people — in a struggle against others. In his 1988 book The African American Holiday of Kwanzaa:A Celebration of Family Community and Culture,Kwanzaa inventor Maulena Karenga (born Ron Everett) wrote that umoja “means a oneness,a similarity and sameness that gives us an identity as a people,an African people. And inherent in the identity as a people is the ethical and political imperative to self-consciously unite in order to define,defend and develop our interests.” (Emphasis added.)
The Obamas’2010 message specifically mentioned “the seven principles of Kwanzaa —unity,self determination,collective work and responsibility,cooperative economics,purpose,creativity,and faith.”Columnist Kathy Shaidle pointed out,“Ujamaa,or ‘cooperative economics’—one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa—is the term the socialist leader of Tanzania,Julius Nyerere,used for his disastrous policy of putting tens of thousands of Tanzanians on collective farms.” (Emphasis in original.)
Last year,Barry and Michelle deemed these “the very values that make us Americans.”
Although Obama issued no proclamation for Easter this year,the first family made time to celebrate racially aggrieved deception. Kwanzaa was created —invented —by Ron Everett,who later dubbed himself Maulana Karenga (which means “master-teacher of nationalism”in Swahili). He founded The Organization US (“United Slaves”). His followers murdered two Black Panthers in 1969. Everett was convicted of the May 1970 torture of two women in his home,and served only a portion of his sentence —some claim because he became an informant for the FBI.
Such is the founder of Obama’s beloved holiday. Everett/Karenga told The Washington Post,“People think it’s African. But it’s not…I said it was African because you know black people in this country wouldn’t celebrate it if they knew it was American.”
In essence,Everett admitted his holiday was a racist fraud. No wonder it so enthralls our president.

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