Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sat, December 17, 2011 3:14:13 PM
For Immediate Release

Date: 17 December 2011; 1800 hours
From: The Northeast Intelligence Network
RE: The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Special program: Fraud & the Obama ballot challenge

Obama’s impeachable offenses
Our nation currently faces some of the most perilous dangers since becoming a nation. We did not arrive here overnight, nor by accident. Issues that were once banished to back rooms as conspiracy nonsense have suddenly become reality. Yet the corporate media continues to ignore some of the most pressing issues and questions that remain unanswered, instead deliberately diverting the public’s attention. Meanwhile, we have a man occupying the Oval Office whose past remains seriously in question.
Our group of professional investigators, many who have spent their careers conducting background investigations of potential leaders of the largest corporations in America, remain dissatisfied with the numerous unanswered questions that surround Barack Hussein Obama. Other investigators who have spent years conducting background checks for the various intelligence agencies have concluded that “the background of Barack Hussein Obama has serious problems,” and that Obama has failed to provide sufficient proof that would be accepted in a court of law – an uncorrupted court, that is.
Who really is Barack Hussein Obama? What is the truth and what is currently being done to secure answers to the most important questions of our time?
Tonight, The Hagmann & Hagmann Report is pleased to have as our very special guest retired army Captain Pamela Barnett, who is suing Barack Hussein Obama to compel him to disclose all of his records that will reveal all of his different citizenships. Ms. Barnett is behind the information-rich site Obama Ballot Challenge, and attended the court martial of LTC Terrence Lakin as well as the Columbia treason trial in Harlem, NY.
Ms. Barnett is also a plaintiff in a legal suit against the California Secretary of State and Jerry brown for election fraud in the 2008 general election and the 2010 primary. She is also active in other litigation and legal processes designed to obtain vital information about the self-proclaimed “most transparent president” in history.
Be sure to join us live tonight between 8:00-10:00 PM ET for what will surely be a riveting and information-packed broadcast.
Link: The Hagmann & Hagmann Report (Listen live)Join the conversation by calling us at 661-244-9839 during the show, and be sure to join us in our complimentary chat room (accessible at the above link).
Link: Website of Pamela Barnett (

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