Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Obama is a Traitor!

Larry Klayman,

Barack Hussein Obama,our president,is a traitor. Finally,his hatred for our nation and his plan to destroy it are crystal clear. He must be forced from office – legally – before our entire country goes down the drain for the final count!
Much has gone on in the last three years to show Obama’s true colors,sympathetic not to Judeo-Christians values and culture,but Islam and its surrogate-controlled states.
First there was his canceling the White House National Day of Prayer and instead feasting the Muslim holiday of Ramadan – using the latter as an occasion to endorse the building of a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City…
In this regard,Freedom Watch recently scored a big victory in court in our case against the radical mullahs in Iran. A federal judge in Washington,D.C.,ordered that evidence be presented into the atrocities committed by the Iranian terrorist regime. These atrocities are being committed each day with Obama’s apparent blessing! This trial,to be held in the next few months,will,like the Nuremberg Nazi trials after World War II,expose the horrors of the Islamic Iranian regime,which is obviously supported by Obama. I believe that Iran has paid off Obama with campaign contributions to win the next election,just as China paid off the Clintons with illegally laundered campaign contributions so they could win the 1996 election…
This could well turn out to be the terrorist trial of the decade.
Just as I was instrumental in exposing the bribery of the Clintons by China during their administration,concerned citizens need to be hard at work uncovering the bribery of Obama by the Iranians. I for one am investigating this likelihood. Bill Clinton and his criminal wife,Hillary,were the “Manchurian Candidates,”but Obama and Hillary are now the “Islamic Iranian Candidates,”an analogy the movie that depicted how Chinese communists infiltrated the highest reaches of our government. The primary explanation for Obama and Clinton rolling over for the Iranian Islamist mullahs is that they were paid off,that is,bribed. This occurred during the Clinton years with communist China,so it is not farfetched that it is happening now. Obama and Clinton need the campaign cash to win the next elections,just as Bill and Hill needed it in 1996 to defeat Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole…
We cannot depend on the compromised,hapless and flawed Republican candidates to win the next elections. Indeed,the Republicans have largely stood by and watched Obama harm our national security,not to mention our economy,and have hardly spoken a word,much less sought to do anything about it. That’s because it’s one big establishment club in Washington,D.C.
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  1. He just needs to be arrested on suspicion of hundreds of crimes. No impeachment required. "His" birth certificate shows he is ineligible for office.


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