Monday, December 19, 2011

Obama Gives Illegal Aliens Phones for Votes

Suzanne Eovaldi,

Illegal aliens now quite possibly can call a toll free government number,1-800-259-0957,to get a free “Obama Phone.” The program,conventionally known as Safe Link Wireless,is available to those are on food stamps or Medicaid. Applying for work permits that give them drivers’ licenses provides illegals proof of identity. With that,they enter America’s entitlement class and even become enabled to vote in our elections —for Democrats,of course.
The Obama administration has set up a cascading series events,beginning back in August when deportation of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants was suspended,pending reviews. “A review of about 300,000 deportation cases currently before the immigration courts,” will be done by the DOJ and Homeland Security to “halt deportations of longtime residents with clean police records who came here illegally when they were children,” according to a New York Times article.
A source contacted me saying she translated Latino publications,and they are urging Hispanic illegals to be sure to get their work permits,so they can get drivers’ licenses,so they can register to vote. In the Chicago way,are we seeing the Obama campaign begin now to pad their Democrat voter lists by providing illegals incentives to vote for Obama by paving the way to sidestep those onerous voter ID rules about 35 states have enacted?
My source sent me the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles official proofs of identity form “for learner permit,driver license or non-driver ID card.” A point value of “4″ is assigned to “DMV form MV-45A Statement of Identity And/or Residence-For Applicants Represented by Government or Government-Approved Facilities.” So,using this cascade of events to vote in our elections becomes a real possibility.
Beginning back in August the media reported….
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