Thursday, December 22, 2011


Was Libyan President Khaddafi assassinated (shot in cold blood) after he had already surrendered because he knew too much and was about to spill the beans?
Did the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (via South Korean agents) get to North Korean dictator Jung Il because he, in his desperation, was going to spill the beans?  Recall that for years the little dictator has threatened nuclear war a number of times and has attacked South Korean ships but, at some point, we realized he was the boy who cried "wolf" one too many times.  In his desperation for a starving country, maybe he had made noises about telling things that he knew if a few hundred million weren't deposited in a certain account.  Knowing that he already had reneged on earlier blackmailing of the U.S. during the Clinton Administration,
Assuming Osama bin Laden were killed this year, was he killed because he was going to spill the beans?  Even if it weren't bin Laden, were the people killed in the raid assassinated because they were going to spill the beans?
What are the beans?  They are the intelligence gathered on the real birthplace, date, and other related information about  the current putative President of the U.S., Barack Hussein Obama.
Does the CIA have this kind of power?  Would they do such illegal and immoral things?
A Beverly Hills chiropractor I met in the 1990s told me an incredible story about Hawaii.  I am having a hard time with accepting it.  He is hardly a right-wing wacko or conspiracy theorist.  In fact, he's a pillar in the community.  His wife was a building manager at a nice office building on Wilshire Boulevard.
The occasion was I had slight whiplash from being rear-ended in a Circuit City parking lot. 
Long story as short as possible, for some reason, he told me about a house they used to own on the beach in Hawaii (which island, I don't know).  They lived there I think part of the year, I think in the 1980s.  For some reason, they became aware of drug running by the CIA out of a nearby house.  I will leave out some of the story but at some point, he claimed "they" sent men to his residence and gave him the message that if he didn't remain silent, that they would silence him forever.  The message was the sound of loaded shotguns being cocked by someone on the back porch or balcony, late at night.  There is more.  There was a threat to him that if he got on a plane and made a trip to tell his story on the "Today Show", that the entire plane would be brought down.

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