Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Video:Eric Holder Refuses to Investigate Obama Voter Fraud

Ben Johnson,The White House Watch

The former top elections official in the state of Indiana says Attorney General Eric Holder is ignoring a massive case of voter fraud conducted by the Obama and Clinton campaigns in 2008 election,although Holder has jurisdiction over the crime. Instead,the nation’s top cop has played the race card while the state’s election process remains as vulnerable as ever.
During the hotly contested 2008 Indiana Democratic primaries,hundreds or thousands of signatures were forged to get both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the ballot. Among the victims was the state’s former Governor Joe Kernan,a Democrat. The ongoing investigation has uncovered a web of fraud and deception engulfing Democratic Party officials associated with both camps.
Rep. Todd Rokita,R-IN,a former Indiana Secretary of State,told Fox News the next step:“What we have to do next is to involve the U.S. Attorney General,Eric Holder.”However,Rokita said Holder has not responded to a letter he wrote requesting assistance.
“He’s putting people above the law,”the congressman said. “He’s putting his party,his boss,and his ideology above equal application of the law.”
St. Joseph County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Dvorak is investigating the fraud,but the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana,David A. Capp,has refused. “The U.S. attorney does not investigate allegations of fraud in the submission of petitions by political parties for the placement of the names of candidates on the ballot for federal primary elections,”his office wrote in an October statement.
Congressman Rokita rejected Capp and Holder’s explanations. “There are federal crimes for interfering with a federal election,so he has jurisdiction,”he said. “They are turning their heads on this and the ACORN cases that I brought to them as Indiana Secretary of State.”
“We have got to make sure that we remain a country of laws,not a country of men.”
Instead of ensuring the validity of state elections,Eric Holder has opted to —wait for it! —play the race card. Yes,again. In an article for the Sunday New York Times Holder said the president’s more “extreme”critics attack Holder because they see it as “a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,both due to the nature of our relationship and,you know,the fact that we’re both African-American.”
Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh said Holder’s race-baiting has all the trappings of a Barack Obama campaign strategy. The president’s “silence,to me,tells me the president is complicit in this,”Walsh said. His Florida colleague,Rep. Allen West,agreed Holder’s comments were “reprehensible,” adding,““I think this is absolutely the last card in the deck,and that shows how weak their ground is.”
Congressman Rokita said while Obama may not have qualified for the ballot in the Indiana primary,“that doesn’t mean he’s not qualified to be president for that reason.”He quickly added,“He’s not qualified to be president,because he’s dangerously incompetent. He believes in what’s proven to be throughout history a failed economic and political system.”

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