Sunday, October 31, 2010

It has been widely reported that our Government no longer operates as a Constitutional Republic, but instead has become a Corporation, and that We The People are unknowingly conducting our affairs in that environment.
However, the fact remains that all those elected or appointed to conduct the ‘affairs of State’ still swear an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution (Declaration, 7 Articles, and 27 Amendments) as the Supreme Law of the Land.
Therefore, it stands to reason that We The People, the originators of the ‘contract’ (The Constitution) between us and those we hire for limited and/or conditional terms of employment under that ‘contract’, have the greater responsibility to ensure compliance thereof and therewith.
Several key provisions of that ‘contract’ bring us to the how, why, and by what authority we reveal the summary and transcripts of the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition & Treason TRIAL. They are as follows:
1. The requirements to make changes (Amendments) to the terms of that contract are well known, time consuming, and laboriously detailed; they cannot be changed by the Judiciary simply enacting new Rules of Procedures, nor by simply violating those terms and getting away with it for, say, a hundred+ years.
There is no statute of limitations on violations of that contract, and their actions become null and void whenever the originators, We The People, deem it so. All complicit parties may also be charged with Treason or Misprision of Treason.
2. Amendment V provides for a Citizens Grand Jury, and as Justice Antonin Scalia said in a 1992 ruling:
“Rooted in long centuries of Anglo-American history, … the grand jury is mentioned in the Bill of Rights, but not in the body of the Constitution. It has not been textually assigned, therefore, to any of the branches described in the first three Articles. It is a constitutional fixture in its own right..”
And this:
“In fact, the whole theory of its function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional Government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the Government and the people.” (end quote)
History shows that the Citizens Grand Jury was a common occurrence in the early days of our Constitutional Republic, used as a means to correct the crimes of corrupt public officials. That ‘right’ and ‘duty’ of the People continues to this day.
3. Amendments IX and X retain the rights and powers with the people. Hence, the rights and powers of the People to form Citizens’ Trial Courts to act on presentments/indictments of Citizens Grand Juries exist to this day.
4. The Constitution provides for the specific requirements of the Office of President & Commander in Chief:
a. Article II, Section 1:5 says that only a Natural Born Citizen shall be eligible to the Office of President;
b. Article I, Section 8 says that Congress (under the authority granted by the People) has the power to enforce offenses against the Law of Nations;
c. The Law of Nations says that a Natural Born Citizen is one who is born in the country of parents, both of whom are citizens of that country;
Based on the understanding that: “With the privilege and honor of knowing of, swearing to, and living under our Constitution, comes the responsibility and duty of defending, maintaining and adhering to it”, a duly formed Constitutional Citizens Court Trial was held in Harlem, NYC at the ATLAH Church Sanctuary/Courtroom on May 14-18, 2010.
The Trial, known as The C.I.A. COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition & Treason TRIAL, concluded with a verdict of GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS – against Columbia University, past Columbia University President Michael Sovern, and Barry Soetoro/aka Barack Hussein Obama. The deliberations and verdict of this trial were used as some of the evidence for 38 different States Citizens De jure Grand Juries, the ‘True Bill’ presentments/indictments of which were also reported to have been served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff in June of 2010.
Let us not forget the history lesson from the Nuremberg Trials in Germany at the end of World War II:
So that none can say “I did not know!”
So that none can say “I was just following orders.”
(Nuremberg Trials, 1945-46, Nuremberg, Germany)
For those of you who might argue that there was no ‘DEFENSE’ at this trial, we would say that ‘Failure to Appear’ is ‘Admission of Guilt’. And for those who would argue that this was an illegitimate ‘Kangaroo’ court, we would say that those Courts (and Courts Martial) that have been telling We The People that we have ‘NO STANDING’ under OUR Constitution are the real Kangaroo Courts – and have abrogated their judicial responsibilities under our contract with them – the Constitution. When they fail to act – not to Act is to Act, Bonhoeffer said – then the duty to act reverts back to and remains with We The People!
We are now entering the ‘Sentencing Phase’ of that earthshaking and historic Trial of the Millennium - a trial concerning the greatest fraud ever perpetuated upon the American people in the over 200 years since the inception of our Constitutional Republic: the usurpation of the Office of President and Commander in Chief, by a publicly acknowledged NON Natural Born Citizen!
Under the terms of our Constitution, our Nation can survive 4 (or even 8) years of anyone as President, but it cannot survive without our Constitution!
What follows is a summary of the transcripts of that trial – to include the charges, the evidence, the summation, and the verdict.
A short summarizing video by the prosecutor, Pastor James David Manning, Ph.D., will also be available after his Press Conference at The ATLAH Church on 27 October, 2010, as well as the complete 400+ pages of transcripts, for those who want detailed proof of the Crime of the Millennium!
Thank you.
Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution
The transcripts can be found here. Capt. Turner’s video introduction is here.
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Posted by: Neil Turner and Sharon Rondeau

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