Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Think They Are Sick Enough Yet

Some people are just slower on the uptake than are others. Those who still don't see it at all are either part of the plan, lying to themselves or functionally retarded morons.

You the constitutionalists predicted this would be happening, that it will only get worse by the day. You've done everything peacefully possible to stop this mess before it got out of hand. You've protested, written letters, talked to your neighbors, you've voted, you've done it all. You've probably armed and stockpiled at great personal expense. Yep done it all. Is it all for naught? Not yet, but it could be getting close. We last standers will make a last stand and a lot more besides. But we are fast getting to the point where it's We told you so time.

The other "freedom lovers" will be led to the slaughter if they don't get it in gear now. How aghast are these mental weaklings at the rampant voter fraud that is going on right out in the open. What were they realistically expecting? That these thugs would just go away because the Tea Party said stoooooppp ittttt you ggggguys. Oh yeah? What are they gonna do next,tell on them? To who???? Maybe get out their cell phone and take their picture. Ooooooo.

The proverbial ball is now in the court of the "moderate" right. (as if we were the radical right).

It is now time for the aforementioned group to see the light as  an out of control on rushing train and save their own life by blowing the tracks. Unless Obama is impeached and or arrested within the next two years, does anyone care to project what the situation will look like in the not so far future? Even post Obama. what if the left imposes upon the  "country" someone worse than Obama next time? I'm not talking economy, taxes, jobs, terrorism. I'm talking about the survival of the Bill of Rights. I'm talking about our borders. I sure as hell am not talking about free and fair elections because that ship will have sailed.

With the blatant polling place law breaking Michelle Obama engaged in and the accompanying cries of foul, would you think that would be enough? Hardly, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was observed doing the very same activity which talk radio's Michael Savage reported on yesterday.

Sharron Angle has lawyered up accusing the commucrats of working towards stealing the election in Nevada. Where is this leading us? A collapse of the voting process. Then What? The thugs are sitting down at you moderates place at the table, they are eating your food, drinking your wine, and they've begun eyeing your woman named Liberty.

When you on the moderate right have had enough and you're ready to get your hands dirty, look us up, we'll be around.


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