Saturday, October 23, 2010

Obama Care For Thee, But Not For Me
The man who will be perhaps the most influential figure in determining how health care dollars will be spent has made sure that he and his wife are immune to his own dictates for the rest of us. Are we shocked yet? Of course not. This is simultaneously stunning and yet so predictable.
In this very informative Washington Times editorial,
President Obama’s cousin, Dr. Milton Wolf points out this development regarding the single man most responsible for how “Obama Care” would be practiced in a succinct paragraph on rationing.
The president promised time and time again that he would not ration health care, and then promptly, under the cloak of a recess appointment, installed as the head of Medicare a man who would do it for him. Dr. Donald Berwick has announced unambiguously and with glee many times over that he will indeed ration America’s medical care (in addition to his own bizarre promises to redistribute your wealth) but he assures us that he’s our intellectual better, so it will be fine. He also declares he’s “romantic” about the British-government-run system and specifically admires how the British purposefully undersupply medical needs to alleviate “bottlenecks.” They’ve been alleviated all right. Britain’s colon cancer mortality rate, for example, is 40 percent higher than America’s; breast cancer 88 percent higher; prostate cancer a staggering 604 percent higher. All those unnecessary deaths unburden the system of patients seeking care. Some might call this rationing.Mr. Berwick, by the way, created his own health care golden parachute to assure that he and his wife would never be forced to submit themselves to the Medicare rules he creates. How convenient.

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