Friday, October 29, 2010

Obama To Meeks--Get In Back Of The Bus

I don't care that Clinton was the messenger boy, Obama was talking directly to Kendrick Meeks when he was asked to drop out of the Florida US Senate race in favor of an Independent. Why didn't Massa Obama ask Crist to drop out? Meeks is the demorat.

Obama knows the House is lost, so he is now doing everything including election fraud trying to save the Senate. This accusation is valid because the White House has been wordless regarding the rampant voter fraud taking place. Not one PSA announcement to keep it clean. The Department of InJustice again silent as Silent Bob was to Jay.

Last week when Obama said "they can ride in back", he was including the black voters in Florida as well. Not all black voters in America, just the useful idiots living in the Sunshine State. If I was black it would make me wonder "Who's next?".

Can somebody in Tallahassee plezzz fetch they Massa Obama a ladle fulls of coooool waaaata?


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