Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Only A Matter of Time

Americans of hispanic descent need to take note of the goings on in Florida. Bill Clinton was sent down to Florida to ask Kendrick Meeks (D) to drop out of the US Senate race in order for Charlie Crist (I) to improve his chance of winning against, Marco Rubio (R).

Early voting is already underway in Florida and with 5 days remaining before Election Day it certainly is rather late to be asking for this last minute change.

Somewhere around 1.7 million votes have been cast already, assuredly some for Meeks. For Meeks to obliged the White House and drop out at this stage would be like throwing these early voter Meeks supporter's ballots in the trash. Disenfranchising 1000's of voters.

As this is happening to the left, I certainly feel little remorse for them. For all I know they will just go vote again anyway.

What this is pointing out though, should be obvious to the non black minorities.

Obama will court them, tell them everything they want to hear, but when it gets down to it, unless you are black, under the bus you go.

Even with Meeks being black and the candidate asked to step aside, it should not go unnoticed by hispanics, Crist is getting Obama's support over the hispainic in the race. Meeks wasn't going to suffer though, I'm sure Obama was planning on rewarding him with some upgrade situation after the election if things worked out.

There has always been an inherent distrust and dislike between blacks and hispainics. Competition over social services/welfare has often made them hated rivals. A rivalry that continues even in penitentiaries. Obama's open borders amnesty plan can be seen by a blind man as nothing more than a power play. Obama has no more long term use for hispanics than he does for whites.

I think Obama would like to Africanize America not Latinize it, he definitely wants to de- Anglicize America. His vision is for a Muslim majority in America. Unless the staunchly catholic hispainic community is ready to convert, they better reconsider their alliances. Making deals with the devil is never a good idea, no matter what he is offering.


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