Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today was historic for the ‘pre-depression-era’ liberals. Herded in by Unions (on let’s get a free trip to Washington day), the folks off-loaded from buses and trains to rock the place, that is if you love Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and some hippie favorites from the 60’s. You didn’t want to miss Ozzy Osborne, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, and Cat Stevens. Heck, even Tony Bennett from my father’s generation almost stole the show with his rendition of “America the Beautiful.”
Here’s a few photos to show you what their liberal ‘America the Beautiful’ looks like:

Comment by American Grand Jury:
Their world calls ‘this restoring the Sanity.’ If these photos represent Sanity then my world calls it INsanity. Gotta love the liberals — they are still fighting the age old concept of rebelling against the establishment:
Hey man, wanna smoke a joint — cool, let’s plant some ‘peace signs’ on the White House lawn — better yet, let’s get out and vote — nah, on second thought, let’s smoke another joint and chill out — voting is too much of an effort!
The INsanity rally was billed as a competing shindig to the 9/12 Glenn Beck rally held in September. In case you wanted to compare..


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  1. Can you post two pictures taken from the same perspective? That's the surest way to see.


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