Thursday, October 28, 2010

O'REILLY FEIGNS SURPRISE AND DISMAY...Why is Obama meeting with George Soros? Come on Bill..stop the games!...

I heard Bill O'Reilly on his Factor program (XM broadcast) tonight. What a joke. He made a big deal about the fact that George Soros has been to the White House four times! Why is someone so far left as Soros visiting the president?  he asked. Why? Come on Bill...get real! Obama works for Soros! Soros conspired with Obama to defraud the American electorate and install this anti-American puppet in the White House. Soros pays Obama the bonus money! Can you say over-seas accounts? Soros is the puppet-master! Bill, stop feigning ignorance and pretending that Obama has America's interest at heart. When are you going to level with the American people Mr. Potatohead? Or is it PIN HEAD?

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