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WH Press Secretary Gibbs unwittingly implicated the Obama Administration in committing this crime when he said that “It’s on the Internet because we put it on the Internet.”

Recently Dr. Ron Polarik wrote American Grand Jury a letter which we have included below. Dr. Polarik is considered by many the leading authority and expert on the “forged and photoshopped” Certification of Live Birth posted by Obama’s propraganda machine on the internet.
Dr. Ron Polarik says:
June 1, 2009 at 11:14 am

Last November, I had proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Obama’s alleged Certification of Live Birth DOES NOT EXIST!!
That’s right. What you’re talking about here is a NONEXISTENT DOCUMENT and that is the reason why no one with any authority to validate it has never seen this document in person
What was posted on the Internet was a FABRICATED image, a forgery created within Photoshop made it look like a scanned copy of a Certification of Live Birth (COLB).
HOWEVER, this image looks nothing like what a genuine scan image of a real 2007 COLB looks like. I know, because I’ve made over 500 scan copies of real COLBs.
I also know how this bogus birth certificate was constructed.
The issue here is NOT if the COLB can be used to prove natural born citizenship status — it is that a President (and numerous accomplices) committed FELONY DOCUMENT FRAUD in creating this false identification document, in violation of Federal laws and State laws.
We’re talking about criminal behavior here by a US Senator, and President of the United States.
This bogus birth certificate image was used to defraud the United States, its people and government, into believing that Obama was born in Hawaii and therefore a natual-born citizen. This forgery was also used to prevent others from ever seeing his real, original paper birth certificate.
FELONY FRAUD is punishable FOR EACH OFFENSE by up to five years in jail and a $250,000 fine.
What renders Mr. Obama ineligible to continue as President is this criminal act of fraud–which is an impeachable offense.
That is where your focus should be.
Is the biggest political crime in American history taking place right before our eyes? Is the man in the White House INELIGIBLE, according to the Constitution, to sit in the Oval Office… is he a FRAUD… a USURPER?

Barack Hussein Obama could put the issue to rest right now by simply releasing his ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

But he WON’T release his ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE. In fact, he is actively RESISTING efforts to compel him to release his ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE. To date it is estimated Barrack Obama has spent almost a $1.0 Million dollars in defense legal fees to hide the truth.

If Barack Hussein Obama has nothing to hide, what’s the problem? The more he resists, the more guilty he looks.

The liberal press would have us believe this is all Conspiracy Theories — are they? The following facts don’t look like conspiracy theories to the average American.

FACT #1: Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States, SPECIFICALLY states, “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President…” It’s NOT a technicality, or lunacy on the part of our Founding Fathers. It is a specific statement within a document that forms the basis for ALL of our laws and not open to interpretation (unless the entire Constitution should be now open to interpretation).

FACT #2: In order to be a “natural born citizen,” you must be born in the United States or, if you are born abroad, you CAN (if specific circumstances are met) inherit citizenship status from your parents. If he was born abroad, then that’s a problem for Barack Hussein Obama because his father was NOT a citizen of the United States and his mother had not lived in the United States the required amount of time after attaining the age of majority when Obama was born - meaning SHE COULD NOT pass her citizenship on to Obama.

FACT #3: If Barack Hussein Obama WAS NOT born in the United States, he IS NOT a “natural born citizen” and if that is the case, Obama is guilty of perpetuating the most massive fraud in the history of the United States!

FACT #4: Barack Hussein Obama has ACTIVELY REFUSED to show his ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE to the people who elected him. Under Hawaiian law, only Obama can legally release the document but HE JUST WON’T DO IT! Why not?

FACT #5: Obama has multiple teams of lawyers helping him shield the document from the prying eyes of the American people. Why?

FACT #6: Instead of producing an ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, Team Obama produced another document - a “Certification of Live Birth” - and said, in effect, “Here’s his Birth Certificate! Now shut up!”

A CERTIFICATION of Live Birth and a Birth Certificate (A CERTIFICATE of Live Birth)… [notice the difference in the words "certification" and "certificate"] ARE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT DOCUMENTS.

A CERTIFICATION of Live Birth - the document that Team Obama produced - is a document that essentially proves that you exist and Barack Hussein Obama most certainly EXISTS - that point is not in dispute.
A CERTIFICATE of Live Birth (an ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE) - on the other hand contains more information. It gives the specific location of your birth, the hospital, the time of birth, the attending physician etc.
Bottom line, a Certification of Live Birth does not by any stretch of the imagination meet the Constitution requirement for proof of “natural born citizenship.” 
For proof, Obama must submit a BIRTH CERTIFICATE showing he was born of a father and mother in the United States and that his parents were BOTH US Citizens. Everyone is now aware of the fact that Barrack Obama’s father was NOT a United States Citizen.

For purposes of illustration see the images below. The first image is the CERTIFICATION of Live Birth that Team Obama released and the next image is an example of an actual CERTIFICATE of Live Birth (an ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE) from the State of Hawaii from approximately the same time that Obama was born.
Certification NOT Certificate
Birth Certificate
Why is this important? Stated again, a Certification is just a computer printout that says Obama exits. It is NOT a Certificate of Live Birth (BIRTH CERTIFICATE) that is considered in Hawaii to be the TRUE Certificate. The Certificate of Live Birth specifically answers questions like WHERE were the father and mother born? What were the parents’ residences at time of birth? In other words, what were the legal statuses of the parents? Were they US Citizens? We know that the father was NOT a US Citizen.
If you think a Certification is a legal document then ask yourself why the State of Hawaii won’t even accept it? That’s right!
Example: The State of Hawaii maintains programs to encourage property ownership for native Hawaiians. In order to qualify for this you must process an application through Hawaii Department of Home Lands. The following is a guideline:
DHHL utilizes information that is found only on the original Certificate of Live Birth, which is either black or green. This is a more complete record of your birth than the Certification of Live Birth (a computer-generated printout).
If the State of Hawaii DOES NOT accept its own CERTIFICATION of Live Birth as proof that an individual was actually born in Hawaii, why should we? If Hawaii REQUIRES an ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE , WHY SHOULDN’T WE?
Now the liberal folks out there will say we are just pushing conspiracy theories. That is simply not true. Obama MUST prove he is a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” to hold the Office of the United States of America. Can anyone say beyond a reasonable doubt that the shown Certification of Live Birth in the photo above does indeed certify the required information about the birthing parents (ie: the parents must be US Citizens themselves in order to pass natural born citizenship status along to the child as required by the Constitution)? Profoundly and without a doubt, THAT information is not available on this document and furthermore the true citizenship status has never been released by Obama.
The fact is, Barrack Obama looks like a fraud and the BURDEN OF PROOF is upon him, not the public, to prove otherwise.

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