Sunday, October 31, 2010

Man gets on his knees as Emperor Obama drives by in his motorcade...

And here we have it in a nutshell. The black mindset. C'mon, Obama, throw him a scrap and make his day. He'll feel that he has lived the American Dream...something for nothing!


  1. Thats not the black mindset. You can say whatever you want since we have free speech but it hurts the conservative cause when you say things like that.

  2. Niggers have ruined this country, period!

  3. You certainly are a person of few words. While offensive to blacks, these racislly offensive terms go both ways. Cracker, whitey , etc etc. The usurper himself regularly uses derogatory terms and alludes to discriminatory slurs. Sit in the back, tea baggers, and so forth.

    If it is expected by this side of the issue to avoid such terms then that cuts both ways.

    Neither side has a monopoly of non racism, or bigotry free living. Slurs don't only come from white America, and to stop such behavior all sides need to quit with the names.

    If you are black and don't want to hear it, that also goes for whites in this country.



  5. 'honkeys', the rally:

    & 'Niggas' Anonymous might have trouble with:



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