Thursday, October 28, 2010

Volcano Spiritual Caretaker Dies--From Burns

Indonesian Volcano's Spiritual Caretaker Dies

October 28, 2010
| Associated Press

MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia – For 33 years, Maridjan spoke to Mount Merapi, believing he could appease its unpredictable spirits by throwing offerings of rice, clothes and chickens into the volcano's gaping crater.

Many villagers took his word -- not that of government officials or seismologists -- as the last on when it would erupt. And the 83-year-old did appear to predict the volcano's latest eruption -- which killed 33 people this week -- but did not heed the warning himself.

As Merapi began spewing 1,800 degree Fahrenheit (1,000 Celsius) gases and thousands of villagers streamed down the mountain's slopes, Maridjan refused to budge, and more than a dozen people stayed, and perished, with him.

His rigid body was found Wednesday, prostrate on the ground in the typical Islamic prayer position and caked in heavy white soot.


I wonder what his lucky number was??


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