Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Five Ways the GOP Will Try to Impeach Obama

October 26th, 2010 Simon Dumenco, New York Magazine
GOPers expecting to take the House are already calling for numerous Whitewater-esque investigations into the Obama administration. Meanwhile, according to Public Policy Polling, 35 percent of Republicans would like to see President Obama impeached based solely on “his actions so far.” Which actions, exactly? Well, there’s always something.
1. Sestakgate!
The White House offered Representative Joe Sestak a government gig to get him out of the Pennsylvania Senate primary. The most rabid proponents of digging into the affair: Sean Hannity (“An impeachable offense”), Glenn Beck (“An impeachable offense, a felony”), Dick Morris (“It’s Valerie Plame, only ten times bigger”).
2. Rezkogate!
Senate-era Obama fund-raiser Tony Rezko, a Chicago real-estate developer and convicted felon, was a recurring bĂȘte noire in the 2008 presidential campaign….
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