Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Illegal Immigrants for Obama

October 26th, 2010 Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports
In a desperate push to keep the Senate in friendly hands, Barack Obama took to the airwaves of Univision Radio on Monday and encouraged Hispanic voters to join him in his plan to “punish our enemies.” It appears Hispanics have sunk to the challenge. Among the most motivated members of Obama’s nightmare coalition are those who have no right to play any role in the American political process, or even to be in this country, generously financed by Democrats and their political allies.
Last Thursday, Obama campaigned for Democratic Senator Patty Murray in Seattle, and across Oregon, delivering a speech noted for its fearmongering. The Associated Press reported Friday that “dozens” of illegal immigrants are crisscrossing Seattle to campaign for Democratic U.S. Senator Patty Murray. Dozens is putting it modestly. All told, “About 150 volunteers rolled out in nine cities across Washington this past week, knocking on 3,000 doors.” AP credits the pro-illegal immigration organization OneAmerica Votes with launching “one of the largest get-out-the-vote campaigns in the state on behalf of Democratic candidates.”
In its grand tradition of missing the forest for the trees, the dinosaur media have focused on individual foot soldiers like Maria Gianni, one of the illegals in the Seattle GOTV drive. Gianni told reporters she feared being asked about her immigration status and being deported, “But if there’s a change, I would feel like I contributed, even in a small part, to a change we all need.” In some quarters, Gianni is being hailed as a fearless hero braving arrest for her beliefs – although Seattle is a sanctuary city that provides free health care to illegal aliens. She and other illegals need not fear that the law will halt their interference in another country’s political process.
Bribery and Voter Fraud
And it appears American liberals feel no guilt bribing them to do so. OneAmerica hosted a “New Americans Ballot Initiative Party” in Seattle on Monday, offering “immigrants” a variety of enticements to vote for the Democrats.
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