Friday, October 29, 2010

Lame Duck Time For Cap and Trade

Dick Morris knows his business very well and the comment he made about a Cap and Trade senate vote may have sailed over my head. Even the experts get caught up in their underware from time to time, so I question what it is Morris is alluding to on Machin. Morris and the rest of us need to be concerned with the "For Sale" senators.

In talking about the future make up of the Senate, Morris pointed to West Virginia as being a pivotal race, where the outcome could decide Cap and Trade. How so Dick? The seat is Byrd's replacement, if Machin wins that would be one Dem replacing another. The vote count in the senate is still 59-41 until noon January 3, 2011.

Delaware West Virginia and one other state I believe seat their senators the day immediate following the election. But if all 3 are current dems how does that change things?

Me thinks Morris was trying to spur the minds of the West Virginia coal miners by playing the Cap and Trade bogeyman card,to get them to vote for the Republican candidate.

Cap and Trade will definitely be on the menu during the lame duck session. They've run out of time. The filibuster will have to be overcome somehow (Collins, Snowe), the vote taken and House reconcilation all in about 59 days. If C & T is delayed past January 3, the House Republican majority will pull the House version back from the Senate and kill it. The Bush expiring tax cuts may be somehow used as a poker chip in this overall high stakes game. Nervous days ahead my friends.

When the House version of Cap and Trade was first sent over to the Senate, back in August 09, bi partisan senators said it was DOA. That was then, this is now.

The time between election day and swearing in (the lame duck seesion) is going to be wild I fear. The out going representatives may no longer feel any type of party loyalty. The graft takers may see this as their last chance dance. Murkowski worrys me. Bennet worrys me. All the rejected old guard just may have some get even anger issues.

Have I mentioned this yet? Lieberman is considering caucusing with the Repubs. Let's say the general election vote turns out 50-50. Lieberman, Snowe or Collins could fetch a very high price for their conversion.


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