Thursday, October 28, 2010

What To Write About This Time

In the early days of this blog, as a citizen writer, ( an amateur journalist at that) I wondered if I had enough material to write about. Sure at the beginning there were a couple chapters that were obvious, but then what? Writer's block, lists of names from the phone book, names of the babes I wished I could date?

Actually there's nothing to it. Obama and crew provide a steady flow of daily topic worthy bad deeds. If anything what's lacking is depth of coverage, there is so much, yet so little time. It takes me about two seconds of looking at the headlines,before the light bulb comes on. I never worry that the well will dry up. Obama is to the blogs what Saudi is to oil. A river.

What is hardest is doing this day after day after day. I don't do well dealing in negativity. Norm for me is happy go lucky. Some say my true calling was stand up comedy. Admittedly I love to make people laugh, to do it for money ehhh that would be a daunting job. I'm more random acts of laughter. Besides to me it's purer when money doesn't change hands. Kinda like sex.

Words matter, the pattern of words matter. Inflections and gestures matter. 90% of being funny is delivery. It doesn't hurt to have a certain amount of wit too.

Stand up and other types of public speaking share a commonality. Take Hitler for example. He had an extreme style of gesticulation. His body language was unhinged, had he been reciting the Groucho Marx's lines of his day, instead of death threats against the Jews, Hitler would have gone down as one very funny guy. Hitler had "it". Adolf coulda been a star, instead of being Satan's favorite "bitch" for eternity.

Words and delivery do matter. Certain photos of Obama's recent campaigning reveal a palpable sense of desperation has overtaken him. Obama and those around him exude the same lost cause aura. Surly, monkey see monkey do, Gibbs is even more combative and confrontational if that's possible.

Richard Trumka communist head of the AFL CIO, has begun calling Tea Partiers, "cultish". Now isn't that rich. A union official branding any group a cult. Aaaannd what does the chubbie cheeked fist pounding commie think his little organization is? Then again he WOULD be an authority on the subject of cult behavior. Richard Trumka high priest of Mind Spring, Sweat Lodge Local 10hscrewU. He liked the dues paying Jim Jonesers so much, he out gooned the goons.

Words do matter. Obama and his brain trust know this, yet the delivery is sophomoric. A picture comes to my mind of Obama with his crew sitting at a table poring over a dictionary containing only slurs and negative words. Racists. Bigots, Tea Baggers, Wingnuts, Radicals, Enemies,Birthers, Opressors, Slave Owner Descendants, Ride in Back, Cultish, Extreme. Derogatory word of the day sessions. Once a word theme is agreed to, the memos go out-in house trainers available.

Check You Tube see for yourself how often commucrats in their campaigns have been using the word "extreme" or "extremists views" when describing the candidate of the opposing party. Even Crist and Murkowski are on the distribution list. Harry Reid in the first debate against Angle was so redundant and poorly timed with his "extreme" jabs, it became farcical. Mollier could have had a field day with this new King Harry Lear. Missouri mule look alike Claire McCaskill dutifully brayed her "extreme" hee haws as have so many other Mind Spingers. Whether it's Sebilus and ObamaCare,Napalitano and Illegal Immigration, Holder protecting Muslim Terrorists, they all work from the same derogatory word of the day memo. Clinton thing 1 and Clinton thing 2 do too,as does Biden the Dope, as does so on and so on. Cult. hmmmmmm Trumpka may actually have something there.


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