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The current president refuses to produce his original long form birth certificate because the name that’s on this document does not match the name he uses currently.

10 States Pursuing Proof of Eligibility Bills: Montana, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Indiana, Georgia, Connecticut, Missouri, Arizona, Texas & Pennsylvania.

As reported here, here, here, here and here, Montana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Texas are pursuing legislation that will require presidential candidates prove their eligibility. We can now add...


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Here’s an interesting article from World News Daily about Arizona, Montana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Texas all crafting legislation that would require presidential candidates to produce their long form birth certificates for them to be eligible to appear on the 2012 ballots.
I honestly don’t know why this is not already on the books in every state.
As things stand, the Constitution makes certain requirements about who can be elected President of the United States, but does not provide for any mechanism to ensure these requirements are met.
It’s just always been assumed no one would run for president without being actually eligible to hold the office, with all the correct documentation in order to prove it.

But, there’s no agency in place to ask for that documentation, and no procedure for making sure those documents are valid.

The current president refuses to produce his original long form birth certificate because the name that’s on this document does not match the name he uses currently.  This is because his official Hawaiian birth certificate was changed in the 1970s when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia.  At that time, his name was changed to “Barry Soetoro”. When a child is adopted, that child’s original birth certificate is permanently sealed and sent down the Memory Hole.  The new birth certificate, with the adoptive parents on it, becomes that child’s official birth certificate.

Obama made the choice in college to become “Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.” because being the son of a Kenyan seemed more politically advantageous to him than being the adopted son of an Indonesian man, with his Indonesian surname.  Obama never bothered to legally change his name BACK to Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. after his adoption.  If he had, there would be a record of that name change, both in the Hawaiian Hall of Records and in newspaper announcements noting the name change (as required by law).
Those announcements do not exist.

His name was never changed back to Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.
So that’s why he won’t produce his birth certificate.

If he did, he’d probably have to legally appear on the ballot as “Barry Soetoro” when he runs for re-election.
Or, would that be “election”, since he has never appeared on a ballot as his legal name?
All of this is like a cartoon I once saw where, through massive tragedy and bizarre twists and turns, a duck became the King of England, since no other living human heirs were eligible.
Unfortunately, we don’t live in a cartoon.  If we did, we’d all be riding around on those unicorns Obama promised us.

We actually live in a world where the President of the United States won’t produce his birth certificate, his college records, his legal career’s documentation, his records as a state senator, or anything else that’s left a paper trail in his life.  Just because he doesn’t want to.
Or, he’s hiding something terrible that he knows would destroy him.
In 2008, there was no legal mechanism in place, apparently, to demand Obama produce any of these documents…and the media enable this situation by implying anyone asking him to produce these documents was either racist, crazy, paranoid, or all of the above.

In a history class I had once dealing with the Vietnam War, the professor noted that the public turned permanently against the White House when Walter Conkrite said on the air that the Vietnam War was lost.  That’s what it took for the country to have enough with the war.  For someone respected and familiar to them to say what so many of them were thinking.

THAT is what’s needed right now in terms of Obama’s mythical, mysterious birth certificate.  We need someone respected, beyond reproach, and highly familiar to all Americans to say outloud “Why won’t he just show his damn long form birth certificate and be done with it already?”.
I don’t know who that person is, or even if there is such a person alive.  Who’s so beloved, believable, and beyond reproach that if he or she said, “He needs to turn over his birth certificate tomorrow” that the White House would be compelled to do so?

Maybe it’s not one person.  Maybe it’s the various state governments following the five mentioned above who are preparing for the 2012 election by requiring all presidential candidates to submit their birth certificates as part of their paperwork for appearing on the ballots.
All it takes is for ONE state to require this for a person who refuses to produce his birth certificate to be ineligible to run for president, because a candidate must be on ALL 50 of the state ballots to become our Chief Executive.

You can’t be president if you are only elected by 49 states, with your name not appearing on that 50th ballot.  You could win all the electoral college votes in those other states, but because the people of the 50th state didn’t vote for or against you, then you cannot be the President of the United States…which is a union of 50 states, not 49…and not 57 like Obama claims there are.

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