Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hold Off On Sending $100 To Hawaii For Nothing

May I point out, pending Hawaii HB 1116 is for publicity purposes only. The Hawaiian state reps who believe they can tamp down the calls for the Obama papers, by threatening to charge $100 for a computer print out would have better luck hawking painted coconut footballs on the beaches to the mainlanders.

Save your money people, not that we don't want proof, but in 8 or 9 months when Barry has to file his primary ballot forms, at least 10 states are going to be asking for a certified original true and correct birth certificate. The State Secretary of say Texas or Arizona or Georgia are going to be under the gun to ask how a Kenyan Citizen qualifies junior as Natural Born under the US constitution. MSo why pay Hawaii the 100 bucks, which is so typical Hawaii for you, always overcharging the tourists and fellow Americans, I mean mainlanders/howleys.

So hold your water for a few more months, then the smart guys in the 50th state will have a clown cigar explode in their faces. One may hope an attorney will entrap them on this obviously fraudulent scheme, by buying the bogus paper before the Primary elections, then press charges on a false advertising count, with a second count of co-conspiracy. Perhaps a fit punishment would be a fine of $250 for the false advertising rap, with 50 years to life without parole for the co-conspiracy to commit treason beef.

Let's encourage these Hawaiian big mouths to pass HB 1116, they may not like where the chips land or their asses.


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