Friday, January 28, 2011

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Tracy Morgan Calls Sarah Palin 'Good Masturbation Material,' Network Apologizes

Published January 28, 2011

Jan. 27: Comedian Tracy Morgan, center, discusses Sarah Palin with Charles Barkley, right, and Kenny Smith, during an 'Inside the NBA' live broadcast on TNT.
Cable television network TNT issued an apology late Thursday for a comment made by "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan about former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during a live broadcast.

Morgan made a crude remark about the key Republican’s looks during an appearance Thursday on “Inside the NBA."

During a pre-game chat ahead of the Miami Heat-New York Knicks clash, co-host Charles Barkley asked the actor, “Sarah Palin’s good looking, isn’t she?”

Morgan replied, "Let me tell you something about Sarah Palin, she's good masturbation material. The glasses and all of that... She is great masturbation material."

VIDEO: Morgan makes crude remark about Palin (via YouTube)

TNT issued the apology within minutes amid outraged phone calls and emails about Morgan's comments, USA Today reported.

"It's unfortunate Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments," said Turner spokesman Jeff Pomeroy in a statement.

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  1. Sometimes these TV presenters carried away and indulge in loose talks which results in embarrassment to the channel.


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