Friday, January 28, 2011

More Citizens Demand: Impeach Obama

January 28th, 2011
Ben Johnson,

As more Americans face the dire state of our union and the heavy toll the Obama administration has required of us all, an ever-growing number are calling for Barack Obama’s impeachment. This week alone, three separate calls for impeachment surfaced – significantly, among Democrats – at least one of them at one of the largest ongoing public rallies in U.S. history: the March for Life.
On Monday, thousands gathered in the nation’s capital to protest the taking of innocent life. One of the members of this diverse, pro-life group, Democrats for Life, met for breakfast before joining the larger group. Michael Sean Winter, who attended the Democratic meeting, recounted the scene on the National Catholic Reporter website, “Two people carry a large poster of President Obama, defaced to look like Hitler, and the slogan ‘Impeach Obama.’”
Such opposition from within a Democratic event begs the question whether Democrats even want Obama to run in 2012.
The same posters, with the same message, appeared this Wednesday in Mount Dora, Florida. The Orlando Sentinel reports….
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Obama Erases Christianity from the American Founding

January 28th, 2011
Ben Johnson,
In the State of the Union Address, Obama said: “We are the first nation to be founded for the sake of an idea – the idea that each of us deserves the chance to shape our own destiny. That is why centuries of pioneers and immigrants have risked everything to come here.” In Obama’s telling, this is the reason “why our students don’t just memorize equations, but answer questions like ‘What do you think of that idea? What would you change about the world? What do you want to be when you grow up?’”
That is perhaps the most underwhelming description of freedom ever uttered by a president.
It is rendered less impressive by the fact that later in his speech, Obama called on more Americans to study equations and stop telling him what they think of his ideas. This lack of vision manifested throughout the SOTU is one of the reasons so many Americans considered this address drab and uninspiring.
The president’s presentation of America’s founding lacks its most important cause: Christianity….
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Black Panther Case Reaches the Boiling Point

January 28th, 2011 The Washington Times

The Black Panther voter-intimidation scandal is approaching the boiling point on four different burners. Evidence grows that the Justice Department is using illegitimate means to keep a lid on legitimate investigations. Because his department can’t be trusted to police itself, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. needs to appoint a special counsel.
On Wednesday, Judicial Watch – a private watchdog – filed a brief in its case seeking release of official memoranda, arguing that government stonewalling, “is about political interference in [Justice’s] decision-making process and [the department‘s] efforts to avoid public scrutiny of that interference”…
On Thursday night, Todd Gaziano of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights protested, “The department doggedly continues to obstruct this investigation … Even the privileges that are recognized law (as opposed to being newly invented) are not valid against the [Civil Rights] Commission”…
On Wednesday, former Justice attorney Hans von Spakovsky, now at the Heritage Foundation, challenged the bona fides of Robin Ashton, the new head of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility…[V]on Spakovsky warns Ms. Ashton is “completely untrustworthy,” especially regarding allegations of improperly “rifling through confidential files and documents,” and charges Mr. Holder and other bureaucrats with directly compromising the overall OPR investigation…
In September, Justice Inspector General Glenn A. Fine announced he would examine “whether the Voting Section has enforced the civil rights laws in a non-discriminatory manner”…Today, Mr. Fine retires.. His successor will be appointed by President Obama based on Mr. Holder’s recommendation.
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