Monday, January 31, 2011

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  1. Those with eyes have no trouble seeing past all comforts and luxuries breeding simple and contempt-filled Americans. This, of course, not to suggest that comforts or luxuries of life we're so graciously showered with in the United States are to be wrapped in an ugly cloak - such desirable life is good fruit that could have only come from a healthy Tree. No bad Tree can yield good crop. Such law of plain observation on a farm or in a garden should illuminate ones heart with appreciation of good fruit beyond confines of physical appetite. How can one ignore the source of what sustains you? "America The Beautiful" would be a song of very shallow substance and covetous spirit if song's foundation was founded on fruit and not the Tree. This Tree is build on Truth, Blood, Sweat, Tears, Dignity, Love, and Pure Ambition of all simple, sincere, and weary - these are the patient servants that nurtured this Tree. Some still remain, even to this time, who water what is on a path to inevitably wither. Common American today is foreigner to him who sacrificed all comforts for the sake of the Tree. Today we gorge on fruit and all existence outside of our appetite is nuisance. It is a shame, but law of discipline exists beyond all waves of our behavior. It appears that when you lose all, as did so many during WWII, that your soul seeks after the foundation of your substance and "fruit" takes it's rightful place. Hard times give growth to pure plants - they will produce good fruit, but they will not worship fruit, they will exalt it's maker. As for the rotten fruit in DC, it's destined to induce vomit. Laws cannot change, because by them all things hold.


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