Wednesday, January 26, 2011


from Veritas&Libertas
Fox News is reporting that the Arizona House has approved a bill that would require all presidential candidates to produce a birth certificate before their name can be placed on the ballot.  The bill still has to pass the Senate but rumor has it that this will happen.   This may be a dumb question but…what does this mean for Obama?  How will he get around this one?
Once again…all eyes are on Arizona.
UPDATE:  Keep this fact in mind, that only ONE state has to require a birth certificate for Obama to be on a ballot for Obama to be required to either give up his long-hidden mystery birth certificate, or not seek another term.
Because to run for President of the United States a candidate must be on the ballot in ALL 50 STATES.  If that person is on the ballot in 49 states, he or she cannot be elected president because that 50th state did not have a say on his or her candidacy.
Otherwise, people would just not even bother being on the ballot in states they know they are going to lose.  Democrats would not campaign in the deep south.  Republicans would skip California and New York.  It would save a lot of money on both sides, but the elections would not be national ones without all 50 states having cast ballots for or against that person.
What’s interesting is the karma involved in all this:  the White House was flat-out evil to both the state of Arizona and to Governor Jan Brewer personally. So it will be ironic that Brewer will sign into law a bill that require Obama to either turn over his long-hidden birth certificate, or decide he has “health issues” (such as his suddenly revealed Parkinson’s) that prevent him from seeking a second term.
Rumor has it Arizona won’t be the only state to do this, either.
But, remember, all we need is ONE STATE to require the full long form birth certificate and Obama must finally produce it.
The White House has known this was in the works for some time…that’s what all the weird kabuki about this birth certificate as of late has been about.
NOTE: I am not sure that the writer is correct in alleging that the candidate has to be on all 50 state ballots to run. But if Barry can't be on the ballot in 1, 2, 3 , 5 or 8 states, I think it will be fairly obvious to even the most fervent OBOTS that he is a fraud.

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