Saturday, January 29, 2011

As Egyptian Unrest Builds, Obama Left With Two Bad Options

He's clean, he's well spoken, and he doesn't speak with a negro dialect unless he wants to, however the clean linguistically accomplished negro has squat for foreign policy sense. It can be said too, usurper negro, was extremely uncanny in his timely  drilling ban moratorium , now that the vital Suez canal access is threatened by the unrest in Egypt Jordan and Yemen.

When Obama was speechifying in Cairo May 2009, he should have said something about Mubarak cleaning up his act then. But noooooooooo. That would be meddling.

With two obvious outcomes looming, the US is going to come out the worse, on this one, no matter which side wins. If Mubarak somehow survives, he's going to remember Obama's lack of support. If the Egyptian people win, (which I expect them to) then they are going to be extremely resentful for our standing on the sidelines, instead of taking their side.

Obama yesterday reportedly told Mubarak to give his people a "bit more freedom, and a bit more of the economy" . What was that, Obama's Marxists ways showing? Yep quell the riots by dropping roast beef sandwiches in the streets, and give them until midnight to eat them. Great advice. Great advice from someone who subtley manipulates the people by inches in order to control them by yards.

Nancy Pelosi is the scammer Obama should send to Cairo, not Hillary. Pelosi could recommend offering legislation to pay the unemployed 99 weeks, she could tell them education is the key to freedom, and they have an Allah given right to government provided healthcare. Then she could call for a redistribution of the wealth.... too far? Scratch that last one, Mubarak would plant his combat boot in Nan's botox, before he would share even a roll of trash bags with anyone.

As I was saying before, what an opportune time to EPA the Coal industry, to slow walk nuclear, and stop the drilling. I mean who could have possibly foreseen civil unrest in the Middle East of all places, that oasis of tranquillity, which could threaten the security of this nation.

At least Reid's negro is clean even if he's crap-on-a-stick on the international front, and the domestic front and the economic front and the race relations front and the....


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