Friday, January 28, 2011

Egyptian Protests

Have they caused their own suffering?

The general consensus for reasons behind the current Egyptian protests, are NOT hatred for Israel, or the Palestinian question. The reasons are unemployment, ineffective government polices, and high food prices.

So what causes high food prices and unemployment? High energy prices, that's what.
The OPEC countries and I include Egypt as a junior member, do not spread opportunities around in their nations, the government and their related nepotists reap the oil benefits while the masses are left to fend for themselves.

Egypt has always had the fertile Nile Delta which produces bountifully, however when the masses have no money for food due to unemployment or the cost to produce process import or purchase said food, because it is heavily inflated due to high oil prices, then there is going to be unrest.

The Obama saw should be restated- Arab greed fails their people in need.

Non food producers like Tunisia and Yemen have seen this in the last few days.
I would think the prime culprit in the region-Saudi Arabia is another regime nervously watching the current events.

Waiting in the wings, to scoop up a bigger share of regional influence are Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and like organizations. It is these radical muslim groups the US, Israel, and Europe need to be leery.


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