Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Old Is 'Obama'?

By Jon Carlson
Americans are continually being bombarded with claims that the Unknown President, spelled with one R while his alleged father's name is spelled with TWO R's, was born in Kenya or Hawaii. Evidence shows that 'Obama' was probably just another Nazi CIA assumed identity scam with faked, missing, and substituted photos AND forged, missing, and substituted documents. That means somebody with a Hawaii birth certificate had their identity assumed by Obama and that person probably is still alive today. An Intellius search of alleged mother Stanley Anne Dunham shows she is still alive today at age 67.

Hawaii bureaucrats, courts, and the apparently Nazi-installed governor (Her election costs $6 million vs. opponent's $450,000) are fighting tooth-and-nail not to bare the birth certificate Obama has claimed is his. The lesson for all illegal aliens is to claim ownership of a birth certificate in Hawaii and become a US citizen.
All of the forged and faked 'Obama' genealogy documents are aligned on an August 4, 1961 birthdate. Just WHO was born in Hawaii on that date that Obama is assuming their identity is TOP SECRET. Birth announcements for that date were forged in the microfilm records of two local papers at the Honolulu Library by the Nazis using the name Barack while the alleged father was Barrack Obama without the Senior added. An investigator found the address listed was never occupied by the Obamas. Alleged sister Maya Soetoro shows no resemblance to Obama AND has produced no photos of her mother, father, Obama, and herself together or separately.
Obama Birth Announcements Forged

Hawaii became a state in 1959 and anyone born before Statehood is merely a US citizen NOT a natural born US citizen as required to be eligible for the US Presidency.
Obama is not only lying about his place of birth but he is lying about his age. IF YOU KNOW THE PERSON'S REAL AGE ANY GENEALOGY FORGED ON ANOTHER AGE BLOWS THE FAKED GENEALOGY OUT OF THE WATER. Generally speaking SONS have a resemblance to FATHERS AND MOTHERS in legitimate family photos.
The following photos of alleged FATHERS of Obama show far and away absolutely NO RESEMBLANCE AT ALL. LOOK AT THE WINKLES IN OBAMA'S FACE. He claims he was born August 4, 1961 making him age 49. He looks about SIXTY YEARS OLD. The right temple shows gray hair.

Does he smile all of the time to hide his wrinkles and his age? Part of an advanced education is the person learns to smile only in special situations. Not Presidential to smile. Educated men and woman smile more without showing their teeth. Women are more attractive when they smile without showing their teeth. Presidents also. His close cropped hair is supposed to make him look like a Negro. Left and Right photos are true Negros. We believe Obama originates from Thailand like Tiger Woods who at least is 1/4 Negro.

All of the 'Obama' photos are staged like an actor that he is. The next photo is not the physique of a 49 year old man. More gray hair. With the weird haircut to make him appear Negroid the gray hair shows up quick. Look at the poorly developed chest and abdominal muscles more typical of a 60 year old man.
At 6' 2'' and 178 pounds the poor musculature is evidence that he has led an easy life always taken care of and is not capable of hard work. The absence of significant fat deposits probably comes from eating a vegetarian diet that is typical of Thailand. Such diets are atypical of Negros who have large muscles and adequate fat deposits sometimes too much.
There is a lot of discussion on the Net that Obama doesn't give a speech or statement HE HAS TO READ THEM OFF A TELEPROMPTO. In that regard this photo is rare in that it shows the small head uncommon of brainy people. As the Nazis won't release any school records, America has voted in a pig-in-a-poke for President. Like Clinton another poor president no doubt merely a puppet for the Nazis destroying the Democratic Party so Jeb Bush can get into the White House in 2012. So where is Bush II these days? IS he President in absentia? A lot of the Bush admininstration personnel are unemployed. (Maybe not!) Are they 'just helping Obama' further destroy America like in the Bush Administration?

Just so America knows something about the UNKNOWN PRESIDENT here is his health report. Hard to believe that a 49 year old already has arthritis of the knee. A low blood pressure of 105/62 explains his poor mental functioning. The backward doctor making the report is remarking on cholesterol levels that have no medical meaning. He should be checked for thyroid functioning using the Barnes method. The Nazis are big into the FDA destruction of the OLD Medical Profession where doctors were like members of the family. Now worst than used car salesmen or Nazis.

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