Sunday, January 30, 2011

The WTF? Campaign

©2011 drkate
What the F***?  The usurpers are running again?
The primary reason the Obama-nation campaign is a what the f*** campaign is this:

…and this, this, and this.
I don’t know, maybe he made up “WT F***” like a sort of  ‘Hail Mary’ pass (when he wants to be Christian) because he knows at least ten states will not allow him on the ballot, and neither will tens of millions of people.
The Obamas started their 2012 campaign with the disgusting rally on the coffins of American citizens.  To the Obrats–Barack, Michelle, and Jarett, “Winning the Future”  makes it about America versus the Obamas, a paradigm tainted with death, harassment, ridicule, and ruination if you do not comply agree.
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