Thursday, January 27, 2011

I get it...So we're supposed to just let an illegal closet Muslim, anti-American, anti-Christian lifetime criminal who committed election fraud and is now intent on destroying America and the American way of life, just get a free ride? NO BLEEPIN' WAY!...WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT BACK DOWN UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED!...

I've got news for Obama...WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE OFFENDED that you would have the audacity to defraud an entire nation and try to destroy our way of life! The DIRE CONSEQUENCES will be yours, Barry Soetoro! YOU PHONY BASTARD!

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Anthony Martin

White House insider warns of dire consequences from eligibility issue

January 27th, 2011 12:54 pm EST
Evidence is growing that the White House is so sensitive about stories in the media concerning the issue of Presidential eligibility that reporters have been warned of dire consequences if they merely ask questions about the subject. A White House insider has reported that the subject is so highly sensitive that reporters must 'tread softly' and 'be very careful' if they dare delve into Obama's background.…
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  1. Sensitivity Indeed!

    Don't contact the press, write to the House Judiciary Committee!


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