Thursday, January 27, 2011

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“heard repeated rumors/confirmations of attempted “purge” coming down the pike. WH/media going on the offensive bigtime on issue. …Talking very specific, very confrontational, very scary stuff here.”
“purge”? Let me see if I got this right. Robert “Bagdad Bob” Gibbs says that “birthers” are irrational? As Peter Boyles points out, birthers are people who examine this issue, in which a document no one has seen is purported to exist but cannot be found and so are told to “believe” what they are told, but instead argue that to believe in something they have never seen and cannot be confirmed would be irrational. What is rational is now “irrational”. We are dealing with a true CULT FIGURE.
So now there is a threat of a “purge”, which can only mean an attempt to silence the opposition by force. Which means, naturally, that the President intends to attack the few bulldog members of the media who refuse to release the pant leg they’ve bitten.
This is the worst idea they have had yet. It will only inflame the opposition and confirm that there is something serious there.
Analyze this carefully: IF Obama was born in Hawaii, which is likely, then why hide the birth certificate? If he was not born in a hospital, there should still be one available. But it can’t be found. Yet we have been told none of them were destroyed or lost when they switched to electronic records. Gov. Abercrombie says there is a “record” of O’s birth in the archives–but no B.C.
Could it be that Operatives secretly destroyed it? Could there be something there they had to hide?
Then what about the college records? What about his passport records? By the age of 5 or 6 six he was living in Indonesia with Mr. Soetero…
Could it be that at the time of his birth they registered Obama as a Kenyan citizen? Or with dual citizenship? Entirely possible, even likely.
And when he returned to study, he could easily have come as a foreign student, so as an adult he might have mascaraded as an Indonesian or Kenyan to get grants. If so, would he still be a “natural born citizen”?
Gov. Abercrombie spilled the beans. He thought he’d be a hero and quash the issue once and for all, and instead he ends up as the goat. He couldn’t find the birth certificate because there is none. It’s not about “privacy”. His mother or grandmother filed a fraudulent affidavit of home birth with the State of Hawaii in order to qualify the baby for U.S. citizenship. That’s why Abercrombie said that there was just a “notation” — something written down in the archives. That’s the registrar of the State of Hawaii Dept. of Health recording the filing of a home birth.
The fraudulent affidavit of home birth explains the birth announcements in the Hawaii newspapers (generated automatically from birth registrations of all sorts), and it also explains the “Certification” released in 2008 (generated from the records on file, which do in fact indicate a Barack Obama born Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu to Stanley Anne and Barack Sr.)
Obama could’ve taken the “hit” by disclosing the lack of an original birth certificate in 2008 and just dared anyone to question it, but now it’s too late: the media has morphed the story to identify Kapiolani Hospital as the birthplace. That’s the fatal error, because if was born at a hospital, then there would be an actual birth certificate, not an affidavit. So now he has no choice but to keep his head buried in the sand as long as possible, hoping that nobody will force his hand.
But that has become increasingly unlikely, because all that it will take is for one state to pass a law requiring that a copy of the original birth certificate be submitted in order to be placed on the 2012 ballot. With the Republican/Tea Party sweeps at the state level in Nov. 2010, there are now dozens of states that could conceivably pass such a law, and several have already been introduced. The Democrats might want to get this out of the way now while there’s still time to get another candidate for 2012, though with the fallout, I doubt it would much matter who they put up.

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