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Hawaii’s New Vital Records Legislation?

From the AP, again. Mark Niesse, again:“Hawaii lawmakers want release of Obama birth info”
Yeah, so, this has nothing to do with the quality of your UIPA requests, right…only the quantity…
And it’s incredible stuff, too. It IS as bad as it looks. This is proposed legislation that intends to give the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) the sole discretion to issue ONLY NON-CERTIFIED and totally ‘NON-LEGAL’ copies of birth certificates for registrants/candidates who qualify under this new law. Nowhere in this legislation is the HDOH required to provide a ‘certified copy’ or ‘verify’ a qualifying vital record, or any information within, as being LEGAL according to the State of Hawaii. UGH!
Excuse my language but, HOLY SHIT.
Obviously, Hawaii doesn’t need to change any law to disclose Obama’s vital records, so I trust none of what’s going on with these dipsh*t legislators anyway. I am sure their motivation cannot possibly be good if they would rather pretend to have to change the law – and get paid for doing that – and at the same time claim it’s for the ‘benefit’ of the public; rather than just encourage the OIP to rule in favor of the public’s UIPA requests on appeal made under three current laws that already authorize disclosure. And, all at the sacrifice of their own Open Records/Open Government Law. Oh, and they want to collect $100+ for each request made for copies of whatever ‘plan’ is currently being cooked up. I suppose I should say thank you, may I have another?
I really do wonder if these delusional politicians honestly believe that they will be able to just erase or hide the current legislation that authorizes disclosure from history? I mean obviously believes they can erase all past use of the official HDOH seal if they wish very hard. But, in reality, it’s just not going to happen. The People are a determined lot and it’s only a matter of time before all of it bites them in their asses when they find they are knee deep in Obama’s mess and caught red-handed betraying the People’s trust.
Too much has already unraveled, I really do wish they would get real.
AND, let me emphasize that this legislation is not cause for anyone to abandon their pending UIPA requests with the HDOH. We ALL need to demand the legal decisions (or OIP appeal decisions) we are owed under the UIPA on our pending records requests that were made BEFORE this legislation was even introduced – UNDER THE THREE LAWS WE CITED. We deserve no less, the law says so. This proposed legislation is meant to make fools of the People and ‘trick’ them out of demanding their rights to a ‘certified copy’ of Obama’s vital records which are authorized to be released to a requester under three current laws.
And, if you sent a UIPA request to the HDOH, I encourage you to please email them before this legislation moves forward and new agency ‘rules’ start popping up, and insist that they also provide you a “certified copy” in response to your request. IF you are willing to provide them a mailing address, that is.

These lawmakers behind this proposed legislation are abusing their authority. Where is the OVERSIGHT pertaining to this legislation? This is ghastly! I have never heard of such an abuse of power and such an attack on the People by their elected leaders!
This is what the proposed HRS338-18(c) says:
So…when it comes to Obama, you don’ t need to see a ‘certified copy’ (or even a ‘true’ copy) according to these Hawaii lawmakers. And, requesters for a record under this proposed law will not qualify for a ‘verification’ of any kind. So, there is simply no way of determining the validity, completeness or truthfulness of such a record unless it is ‘certified’ or subject to a ‘verification’ which is ‘certification.’
And, look at HRS338-14.5 , the underlined portion is the newly introduced legislation:
In other words, the fee for a ‘copy’ of Obama’s records would be the cost of a ‘certified copy’ ($10) and then another $100 on top of that. But, it will still just be a worthless ‘copy’ for a mere $100+. And let me guess, this non-certified ‘copy’ will bear it’s own HDOH seal *ahem* which will be incised and look a lot like the one photographed by Factcheck.orgwouldn’t that be opportune? You can bet it will. Never waste a crisis.
And, these legislators have the nerve to act like this was done to ‘earn revenue.’ Please, this exorbitant fee is obviously meant to dissuade people from requesting records under this law. In fact, one or two people will probably purchase these bunk $100+ records making no legal claim, post them online and then that’s it. Who wants to pay $100+ for a document that has ZERO validity and legal value. In fact, if HRS338-14 is any indication, we can fully expect these copies issued under the proposed law NOT to be ‘certified’ because this $100+ fee is unjustifiably unreasonable:
(a)  The department of health shall establish reasonable fees to be paid for certified copies of certificates; provided that the department shall furnish, free of charge, a certified copy of any of the records, or a certification of birth, to any veteran of the armed forces of the United States, the veteran’s wife, any member of the immediate family of a veteran or the next of kin of a deceased veteran, when required for use in connection with a claim based on service in the armed forces of the United States.”
As far as the actual proposed legislation is concerned, ‘certified copies’ will still only be issued to those with “a direct & tangible interest” listed in HRS338-18(b). And, this proposed legislation does not allow a requester to legally verify one single bit of vital record information about a registrant with the HDOH because the requesters are not rolled into the ‘direct and tangible interest’ law [HRS338-18(b)]. Why not just give requesters of this type a specified ‘direct and tangible interest’ by law? I mean, these legislators appear to be pretending that they acknowledge the public has a direct and tangible interest by even passing this legislation in the first place, so why not just roll these requesters into HRS338-1(b)?
This legislation is a change to HRS338-18(c) and everything that follows gets a new citation. HRS338-18(c) is not included in the list of those who will qualify for a ‘verification’ under HRS338-18(g), soon to be [HRS338-18(h)]. So, nothing will change in terms of ‘verification law’ according to this new proposed legislation. And, depending on the “form” of the copy that will ultimately be issued to a requester under this new legislation – if it passes (har, har) – this OMISSION could end up being very, very crucial. In other words, the proposed law allows the HDOH to conceivably send requesters non-certified copies of a bogus vital record and never-ever have to legally verify one single bit of information in that vital record.
Just expect this legislation to add more fuel to the fire. Yep, this is a really, really bad sign. The Politicians truly hate the People, and it will all come to light eventually, no matter how they lie to themselves now. The public deserves legally ‘certified copies’ and the right to ‘verify’ information as legal AND absolutely no less. If these lawmakers do not revise this proposed legislation to expressly authorize the disclosure of a ‘certified copy’ AND roll requesters into those who qualify for a ‘verification,’ then this legislation will just make matters far worse than they already are. Who do they think they are fooling? It took me less than ten minutes to see what’s going on…do they really think they are that much smarter than everyone else?
Also, the ‘rules of evidence’ that will apply to these recently introduced ‘state eligibility laws’ need to be read carefully to see if the required copies of ‘birth certificates’ are to be certified and subject to authentication through verification, and not submitted under any ‘cover.’ (…for Hawaii, that means a RAISED seal.) And it should be determined whether this non-certified copy will be accepted as adequate evidence as a ‘secondary source.’
So, this charade is apparently just another cruel prank that will douse this entire issue with gasoline. Hawaii needs to bounce all of these complicit criminals out on their collective SICK asses! This is going TOO far. This is a gross and blatant attack on the People’s Trust! There is ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY to this law. This law was written to protect Obama from every single question and concern.
In fact, this law could be used to provide cover for any qualifying ‘civic’ person/candidate who does not have valid, legal vital records but claims to have them on record with the HDOH – the government, politicians, and people with whom we’ve placed our safety and trust…people who shape policy and law…PEOPLE WHO HANDLE STATE OR NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUES AND ARE PRIVY TO SENSITIVE SECURITY INFORMATION. It’s an horrific breach of trust. I am SICK.
(And, f*ck  the Obot who excuses anyone from the political class participating or complicit in this egregious behavior. You have absolutely no right to ask me to accept or excuse this affront.)

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