Friday, January 28, 2011

Ol' "Good Enough For Me" Boehner

I wonder if John Boehner has been paying attention the past few weeks, and if indeed he is changing his mind about the veracity (that word means truthfullness obots) of Hawaiian officials now.

You've got an former Governor, the current Governor, and an DOH appointee saying Obama has papers in Hawaii. One of those, the current Governor although now says he can't lay hands on the document. It wasn't that long ago the DOH appointee stated she had laid eyes on the document, but apparently it was only a mirage, otherwise the current state officials could produce the Obama document.

Of course there's the ruse about Hawaii digitalizing the records for a few years now, and attempting to use that as an excuse for no paper, but that ploy quickly fell apart when common citizens were waving their actual birth certificates from the period when they were supposed to be digitalized only.

As witnesses for the opposition, 3 Hawaiian election officials are claiming no Obama birth certificate existed at the time of the 2008 election because they searched for it and came up empty handed when performing their candidacy verification as required by Hawaiian election laws.

So Mr Goodenough as Speaker of the House, what do you say to that? Are you still buying what the rats are selling, or are you rethinking your position?


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