Thursday, January 27, 2011

Senate Demorats Lose Nerve Back Off Change To Filibuster Rule

After all the bitchin' by the Commucrats about the Republicans over use of the filibuster, a vote was taken to change the Rules of The Senate, Thursday. Only 12 Commucrats voted for ending the Filibuster at less than a 60 vote majority.

The plan was to slide the threshold downward eventually to 51 votes-a simple majority, in order to decide a senate issue.

The Founders in designing a Republic over a simple Democracy, installed a system of checks and balances into our form of government. Tools such as Vetos, 3/4ths majorities, 3 branches of government, two houses of congress.....for the purpose of warding off an attempt at dictatorship or single party rule. There was great wisdom in what they have designed, these were men of vision and virtue.

Today we have petty demigods, and power seekers with no vision expect blind ambition and control. 12 of them all commucrats voted to erode the constitution Thursday, 3 didn't have the courage to vote, and 38 of their lackeys buckled at crunch time.

The vote to destroy our liberty, the constitution and the Republic-- 12 yea votes for it, 84 nae votes in it's defense, and 4 cowards not voting. (McCain + 3 commies)

So much for Las Vegas and the much ballyhoo'd dem's July 2010 convention and the plan spawned there to change America into a liberal's wet dream piece of crap.

Thursday was a victory for Liberty.


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